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Bethel Belisle, CDM



1108 'C' East Northern Lights
Anchorage, AK 99508
United States
T: 907-349-3054
F: 349-3056


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The Midwives, LLC


We are State Liscensed Midwives in Anchorage, AK. We provide holistic prenatal care, birth in your home or our birth center and complete postpartum care. We honor family in everthing we do and tailor our practice to the indivdual. We also have an Advanced Nurse practioner who can continue to follow you for all your well woman needs. Because of our belief in attachment parenting, we are distributors of the OVER THE SHOULDER BABYHOLDER slings, and for MAYA WRAP slings. La Leche League meetings are held at our clinic monthly. And Childbirth classes and doula services are offered.

Profile and Credentials        

Bethel Belisle CDM, Angelio Davis CDM, Tora Gerrick CDM are all are state liscensed midwives. We are trained in Neonatal resuscitation, adult CPR, and IV therapy. Midwives in Alaska are allowed to use medications such as pitocin and methergine, antibodics for GBS, newborn medications such as erthromycin and Vit.K. We are active members in the Midwives Association of Alaska.

Philosophy and Comments        

We believe that women have the right to choose where and with whom they want to birth thier baby. We believe that women can make good choices for themselves and for their families. We support informed consent and spend, on average, one hour at each visit with our clients. We want your birth to be a celebration of life and to empower the family. We are guardians of the birth, partners with the parent in having a healthy baby. It is truly an honor to serve women in this way.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Clinic days are Monday and Thursday, 9am until 7pm. We believe our fees are reasonable and affordable. Because of our belief in a midwife for every woman, we are flexible in payment. We accept and bill insurance companies, Denali KidCare (medicaid) and having a sliding fee for cash clients. Please call for more details.





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