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Austin, TX 78736
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the comfort lady


Greetings from The Comfort Lady.

My name is Theresa Woodsong, but my clients and friends call me The Comfort Lady. I wear this title with pride and delight because it tells me I am doing my job well.

The mission and focus I hold for all my clients is to facilitate the creation of comfort, joy, and ease in their lives. The form and direction this process takes depends upon your needs and desires. I have quite a varied and eclectic range of training and experience we can draw upon.

This past summer I rolled all my skills and gifts together and began creating Living Light. This started as a new approach to weight loss, but grew into being very much more than that. With roots that drink deeply from Denise Linn's 28 Day Soul Coaching program, Living light is a nine week system that transforms your relationship with food, your Self, and life.

Living Light focuses on the restoration of balance and recognizes the truth that small, subtle shifts create sustainable and powerful change—with comfort, joy, and ease.

Click here to contact me and make a date for a complimentary get acquainted session. I look forward to speaking with you!

Profile and Credentials        

Most of Theresa’s earliest memories involve an inherent awareness of how easy life here on earth could be. Her career as The Comfort Lady evolved out of her life long quest to keep this vision flourishing amid currently prevailing mind sets.

Theresa holds certification as both a Professional Soul Coach and a Feng Shui Practitioner. She is a gracefully proficient facilitator of the Emotional Freedom Technique. On the other end of the spectrum, Theresa holds a bachelor’s degree in finance.

Her balanced strengths of logic and intuition give her a unique ability to access the Soul’s Truth, and to hold that truth as a guide in creating practical manifestations in the physical world.

A visionary and artist, Theresa is dedicated to the cultivation of Comfort, Joy, and Ease.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Click here to contact me and make a date for a complimentary get acquainted session.

See this page for current and upcoming classes

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Living Light Groups and Private Sessions        

For more info click here

Living Light releases the burdens of self-restraint, social mandates, and preconceived notions about diet, body, and well-being. It teaches you to fully embrace your life now, allowing you to simply return to your natural state of balance and beauty.

Since I have been Living Light, I have begun to feel beautiful, energized, completely confident, and enthusiastic for the first time in more years than I care to tell you. I’m doing the dance that I knew my life could be.

I encourage you to join me in Living Light. It’s wonderful. It’s fun. It is more gentle and subtle than I had expected, but it is definitely the switch that I always sensed was there. It’s en-Lightening!

Living Light is available to you as a nine week group class, a nine week tele-class, and private, one-on-one, sessions. New classes begin monthly.

Click the calendar link here for details.

Feng Shui Services        

More about Feng Shui services - click here

Feng Shui, as I practice it, is based on the idea that thoughts take form. Observe the people around you. Those who are happy and fulfilled are those who focus on and unabashedly proclaim what it is they desire. Those who are not happy and fulfilled are those that think and speak in terms of lack, wanting, and resistance. These are the ways in which thoughts take form.

One of my teachers is fond of saying that everything is talking to you all the time- make sure it’s all saying what you want to hear. In doing this, in consciously choosing the messages with which you surround your Self, you create an environment that supports you in every way. You directly exercise your ability to intentionally create the forms—the life—that you desire.

The beauty of this method is that you also create a physical affirmation of those thoughts that best serve you; a constant and reliable way of anchoring in your mind the intention of what you wish to create. This, of course, supports your ability to manifest the life and the world of your choosing…which strengthens your power and resolve to hold fast to your intentions… which supports your ability to intentionally manifest…

As your Feng Shui consultant, I am committed to starting where you are and helping you grow from there. Every consultation I do is customized to fit your needs and desires.

The average consultation takes 3 &1/2 to 4 hours. Sometimes this all happens at one time. Sometimes it is split into two visits, or a visit and a phone call. To get a better idea of how we might work together, contact me about a free 20 minute get acquainted session.

Soul Coaching        

More about Soul Coaching - click here

As your Soul Coach, I help you see beyond the façade of conditioned persona to your deep, true self. Starting where you are, I help you access your inherent wisdom, and guide you to a space where you naturally realize it is safe to venture beyond the boundaries of “should do” into the realm of your truest self.

This process leads to a gentle letting go of that which does not truly serve you. It releases vast amounts of energy that can be directed toward your newly realized clarity of purpose.

Based on the work of renowned author and healer, Denise Linn, Soul Coaching is a process of personal transformation that is rooted in the realization that the soul loves the truth.

For more information on how to access the comfort, joy, and ease of living in alignment with your soul’s truth, contact me about a free 20 minute get acquainted session:

Because the soul loves the truth.

Gatherings With Spirit        

I have a way of infusing the most simple things with magic and wonder. It's just this gift I have.

Part party, part ritual, and entirely fun, my Gatherings with Spirit will help you see things in a whole new way.

Get on my email list to be informed of upcoming Gatherings, or ask me about planning one for your very own special event.

"Theresa is especially gifted at identifying clients’ personal issues and guiding them through the self-discovery and unfolding process. And the Gatherings with Spirit are designed so well for this — I came away feeling all juiced up and empowered to move ahead!" Jane Hardin

"At Theresa Woodsong's Gathering with Spirit I received a warm welcome, a relaxing break and a creative outlet. Her gathering helped me to ground myself in my own internal comfort space and invent a way to have access to that space anytime, anywhere." -Nancie Biver

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