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The Six O'Clock Scramble

Aviva Goldfarb


Washington, DC, United States


Named "Fastest and Freshest" by Real Simple Magazine! Rave reviews in "O" The Oprah Magazine, Working Mother and the Washington Post!

The Six O’Clock Scramble® is an online dinner planning service.

  • A Weekly menu plan with five family-tested, healthy, delicious and quick DINNER RECIPES THAT TAKE 30 MINUTES OR LESS TO PREPARE

  • An ORGANIZED GROCERY LIST so you can grocery shop just once per week

  • A SEARCHABLE DATABASE where you can customize your weekly dinner plan

  • Your own personal RECIPE BOX where you can save your family's favorites 30 minute meals

  • A newsletter with USEFUL TIPS for easier mealtimes, snacks and lunches

  • NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION for each family dinner recipe to help you take charge of your health
  • ELIMINATE THE STRESS OF FAMIILY MEAL PLANNING. Each week you will receive a weekly menu planner with recipes and simple instructions for balanced dinners complete with easy side dishes.

  • YOUR FAMILY WILL EAT MORE HEALTHY, FRESH AND SEASONAL FOODS. The Scramble emphasizes whole grains, lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables, so your family will enjoy a variety of flavors and cuisines while still enjoying 30 minute meals.

  • QUICK, EASY MEALS WITHOUT PROCESSED FOODS OR EXPENSIVE TAKE-OUT. Other convenience meals cut prep time by relying on processed ingredients. Scramble recipes simplify cooking by using fewer than ten nutritious ingredients and easy-to-follow directions.

  • THE SCRAMBLE IS FAMILY TESTED. All recipes go through a careful process to be Scramble certified as healthy, delicious and family friendly dinners.

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEEKLY PLAN FOR YOUR FAMILY’S TASTES AND NEEDS. Picky eaters? Vegetarian? Dietary restrictions? Need Kosher recipes? Swap out any meal with a selection from our large Scramble recipe database. The grocery list is automatically updated with your choices!

  • SHOP ONLY ONCE A WEEK. The grocery list is organized by store section. You’ll also waste less food and save money by buying only what you need.

  • Profile and Credentials        

    Aviva Goldfarb is author and founder of The Six O'Clock Scramble®, a seasonal online weekly menu planner and cookbook (St. Martin's Press, 2006). Aviva is regularly quoted in popular online and print Family and Health publications. She is an advocate for healthy families, actively working with national nonprofit organizations and with parents to improve nutrition.

    Photo by Kim Tilley

    Philosophy and Comments        

    THE SCRAMBLE CARES about family mealtime, healthy meals for children, supporting local farmers and the environment. We listen to our subscribers and give back to the communities we live in.

    Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

    The Six O'Clock Scramble Cookbook        

    Six o'clock looms and dinner has to be on the table pronto. The Scramble's quick, easy meals to the rescue! The Six O'Clock Scramble Cookbook (St. Martin's Press, April 2006) features 52 weeks of healthy, fast, fabulous and family-friendly recipes from the author of the popular online newsletter, including:
  • Great-tasting recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare, and have less than 10 ingredients.

  • Weekly family meal planning menus and grocery lists-allowing parents to plan in advance and shop just once each week.

  • Side-dish suggestions and helpful tips for getting healthy meals on the table quickly.

  • Fun foods for lunchboxes, after-school snacks, brunches, picnics, or weekend get-togethers

  • Complete nutritional information for each recipe
  • See this page for more information or to order.

    Cookbook reviews        

    "Your book is AWESOME! I have made over 30 different recipes in the book and love all of them (that usually never happens when I buy a cookbook). When I put a meal on the table for my family the first thing that goes through my mind is "what a masterpiece, I made that!" When does your next edition come out!" -- Kim Jeter

    THANK GOD I found your cookbook. I work full time and rarely get home before 6, which is my daughter's dinner time. I appreciate how fast and easy the recipes are. This book makes it possible for my family to sit down together for delicious, healthy meals. Wow!

    I am not one to usually do this but Kudos are in order. I love your Six O' Clock Scramble cookbook. I have purchased other book with a similar outline but the recipes are duds compaired to yours. Your recipes have been a hit everytime with my husband and four girls, they are simple, healthy and most importantly YUMMY! I can't thank you enough for simplifying my evening cooking and for the nights when my husband looks at his Tofu with Peanut Sauce and gives me a big hug and kiss. Many blessing to you and your famliy (who I have gotten to know well through the book) Robin D. Cincinnati, OH

    I love your cookbook! As a working mother of two very young children, this book has been a lifesaver for me in terms of meal planning and preparation. I literally whip everything up in the midst of getting home from work, picking up the kids, and keeping them occupied until we can sit down. Everything I've made has been delicious and I've already made several recipes a number of times. Kara H. Olney, MD

    I've been using the cookbook for about a year now and LOVE it!! I never knew how to cook before, and I have been learning so much, just following the recipes and preparing delicious meals that my family enjoys. I was wondering when the next version is coming out??? Thanks!

    Just wanted to say that I LOVE your book! It helps me keep my sanity! I love that it's not full of cream-of-something casseroles (yuck), and that it's healthy stuff, but still normal food. The tips on what to buy organic, along with lunch box options, are awesome. -Leena T.

    I absolutely love it! The meals are organized seasonally, so you are buying and cooking produce that is fresh and readily available (and usually affordable). They are all quick and fairly easy. And the kicker? BOTH of my kids have eaten and enjoyed everything I have made from this cookbook. Do you realize how utterly insane that is? This is a busy mom's lifesaver. - Val, blogger

    What Members Are Saying        

    The best way to get to know us and our passion for healthy family eating and quick dinner recipes is through the comments of Scramble subscribers.

    Read (and even join in) our Scramblog.

    I am a busy physician with two preteens whose family's life has been forever changed because of your weekly recipes. I have been a faithful "scrambler" for over a year now. I daily recommend your website to my patients! It is no longer acceptable for a patient to tell me that he or she does not have the time to eat healthy. Please don't ever stop! - Karen E., Beaufort, SC

    My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying these meals. Most are ones I wouldn't have thought to make, but every meal has been delicious and SIMPLE. Thank you so much for a GREAT idea -- sure takes pressure off us for dinnertime (and grocery shopping!) -- and we eat at home SOOOO much more. Thanks again!! - Pamela G., Glendora, CA

    This is the 3rd online recipe club I have tried and it is by far the best one. I am a full time working mom and your meals have made my life so much easier. After a long day at work and then the gym it is sometimes after 6:00 by the time I get home. I have a cranky 2 year old and a husband who want to eat and I need something quick, easy and healthy. Your recipes fit the bill and even my picky meat and potatos husband likes everything I have fixed so far. He even ate fish and liked it. Thanks so much for the great service. - Melinda S., Mansfield, TX

    I use the recipes every week and I honestly know we have saved so much money and we are eating so much healthier. I am so grateful that I found this website. This is the best resource for a busy family. - Erin I.

    Sample Newsletter and Menu Plan        

    See a sample newsletter - includes a customizable menu plan, articles, poll, and letter of the week.
  • SUBSCRIBE to The Six O'Clock Scramble.

    Each Wednesday, you will receive a link to the week’s Scramble newsletter, 5 FAMILY-TESTED HEALTHY MEALS including side dishes and a corresponding grocery list (see sample).

  • Use all the meals for the week or CHOOSE THE QUICK, EASY MEALS YOU WANT by swapping for any recipe in your recipe database to fit your family’s tastes and schedule. Your grocery list is automatically updated with your choices.

  • PRINT OUT your selected recipes and grocery list.

  • Make ONE TRIP TO THE GROCERY STORE, confident that you will have everything you need for a week of easy, healthy and delicious 30 minute meals.


  • BASK in the compliments!

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