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Judy Braucher, Spiritual~Traditional~Tibetan Reiki Master

Judy Braucher


9537 Twin Valley Ct
Cincinnati, OH 45241-1185
United States
T: (513) 779-4114
F: (513) 779-0434

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Spiritual~Traditional~Tibetan Reiki Master, Practicing in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Working for Divine Wholeness with People and Animals,Energy Work, Cellular Memory Release, Distant Healing,Emotional Release, Spiritual Healing ~ Empowerment, Crystal & Chakra Balancing, Color Vibration, Energy Release ~ Space Clearing Homes and Buildings, and Animal Communication for Balancing. Active over 30 years in this field. Contact me at (513) 779-4114

Profile and Credentials        

Spiritual~Traditional~Tibetan Reiki Master.

Master of Crystology - TAOMCHI ~ Melody Level I and II.

I have been involved with Natural Balancing and Animal Wellness for over 30 years. In my Practice, I apply Spiritual~Traditional~ Tibetan Reiki. Incorporated with this are Cellular Memory Release (CMR), Spiritual Counseling and empowerment, T-Touch, Kinesiology, Color Vibration, Chakra & Crystal Balancing.Energy Releases may be applied to people and animal auras as well as building structures.

I have worked for Divine Wholeness on domesticated and wild animals. This has enabled me to gain Spiritual insight into the Animal Kingdom and their needs for balance; and to assist them crossing over The Rainbow Bridge.

My devotion is to bring the partnership between humans and animals into better understanding and respect for one another. I have done this through my Practice as well as Public Speaking.

I am married to a practicing Reiki Master. We live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Philosophy and Comments        

All my practice is for the Highest Good. My belief system accepts and honors all philosophy and medical practices. Reiki is not a Religion, but an Ancient Healing Form of moving Chi(Universal Energy). All humans and animals are honored and respected. DIVINE WHOLENESS & LIGHT IS FOR ALL CREATION!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

See below.

Cellular Memory Release (CMR)        

Call Judy and experience Cellular Restoration - (513) 779-4114

The Cellular Memory Release process works to release imbalanced emotions and negativity. Clearing past and current life traumas and judgments held at the cellular level. It allows the clearing of negative patterns held deep within our bodies, minds and spirits. CMR restores love, joy, peace and infinite wisdom.

Cellular Memory is a complete file of our human bio-computer. Every cell has stored information from genetic heritage and information acquired in our individual history. Our own ORIGINAL Cellular database can be restored through a series of techniques Judy calls the 5 "R's" of CMR:

Recognize - Identifying the patterns

Release - Letting go at the cellular level (body, mind and spirit) of imbalanced memory

Realign - Realign every cell with The Original Cellular Master Blueprint

Reabsorb - Bringing in (Universal Balance) The Original Cellular Master Blueprint

Restore - Centering (body, mind & spirit) with The Original Cellular Master Blueprint

Cellular cleansing is a releasing process of imbedded emotional memories ( which is considered SHOCK) on multiple levels and (TRAUMA) on others. All the client really needs to do is be willing to let go and relax in a comfortable inner space (within one self with the aide of visualizations) and outer space (The healing room) and let Infinite Universal Energy do the work.

A person will only release at any given moment, only what their Highest Self knows to be for THE HIGHEST GOOD. Since the emotional memories are already stored, the person retains the memory (event) BUT RELEASES the EMOTION which is causing the imbalance. Our journeys are a path to reach full enlightenment and clarity. Along the way, some of the Great Masters of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed guide and assist us.

Benefits of Cellular Memory Release are peace, rejuvenation and restoration at the cellular level which radiates to the whole being. Animals really respond quickly to this process because their basic makeup does not analyze life, they just do it, how great is that!

Call (513) 779-4114 for more detail.


Call Judy and see what your pets want! (513) 779-4114

Animal Communication - It is not a mystery! It is the act of sharing information. We do this through: spiritual vibration, thoughts, emotions, physical contact and body language.

Balancing Naturally and Communication work hand in hand. Watching the body language of another, or an animal, is second nature to us ... we just weren't connecting the dots (thinking about what we were doing or how we were doing IT). This really is second Nature to us. When your child has done something they feel guilty about, they will pass you by with NO eye contact. Perhaps the dog has chewed up a shoe and perceives this is a problem; tail is tucked under and the ears are down, (you've done IT again). Exchanged communication naturally.


In the Orient, the ancient modality, Acupuncture, is based on balancing CHI or ENERGY. This same energy contact is utilized in REIKI when a Reiki practioner draws upon this Chi and channels it to another (animals and humans). This gift is brought to the Spirit Level and is then integrated into the physical body wherever there is an imbalance, IF ONE CHOOSES to accept this. Most animals do choose, when an animal refuses, they may be close to crossing over.

If they want assistance for that journey, I have been honored to be with them. I have facilitated this for our own pets that have crossed over.


As the human part of the animal partnership we do come with EMOTIONAL baggage that radiates to our pets. All forms of communication is ENERGY in motion, in other words EMOTIONS are energy in motion. JOY is calm and smooth, FEAR is edgy, ANGER is strong and heavy. If you enter the house and you are in a good mood, everyone senses IT. Including the pets. If the kids come home from school with bad grades and in a mood, everyone gets IT. Dad comes home from work with "road rage"," financial rage" or just plain "STRESS", the house fills with IT.

So, take a moment to count your blessing, your family members, the country you live in, the ability to see, breath, hear, think. Simple things that are often taken for granted.

Learn a relaxation technique, maybe meditation. Whatever emotions we feel, we do radiate to others and the animals reflect it back to us. If we are really stressed, you may notice the dogs are distant or not themselves. We the HUMAN have the ability to REASON, the animals just ARE. REMEMBER, THE ANIMALS PERCEIVE WHAT WE ARE FEELING, SO LOVE AND PEACE GO ALONG WAY. LOVE YOUR PETS AND ANIMALS; THEY LOVE US UNCONDITIONALLY.

Our INTENT to do THE HIGHEST GOOD for CREATION gives a clear path for ENERGY to flow through us to another. WE DO NOT and CANNOT OWN UNIVERSAL ENERGY. IT IS FROM THE HIGHEST SOURCE OF CREATION TO FLOW THROUGH ALL FOR THE GOOD OF ALL. Even in Reiki Practice, if the INTENT is not PURE, the energy flows back to THE UNIVERSE.


T-TOUCH is a circular movement technique that is great for healing surgical sights, calm stress, bring circulation to animals prone to Arthritis due to breed or age. We have personally used this for sprains and muscular problems.

Spiritual Coaching and Empowerment        

Accessing our personal Divine Inner Spiritual Guides and Angels are available to all, we just need to activiate(talk to them) and offer Gratitude for Divine information. This is always done for The Highest Good. Through gentle meditation and guided visualization, we can return to The Memory of Divine Wholeness at The Cellular Level. Learn techniques to keep our body, mind and spirit in balance with family,friends and our planet Earth.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hours are flexible,treatments are performed in my home. Fees are available upon request. Call for details at (513) 779-4114.

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