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Tina Michelle



South Point, OH United States
T: 740-377-3022




Tina Michelle


Psychic/Medium/Angelologist Tina Michelle has appeared on television shows such as Fox's Scariest Places, Fox Sports, Unexplained and Lifetime's Beyond Chance as well as local television and radio throughout the country. She works with the Angelic realm and offers spiritual therapeutic counseling as well as psychic guidance. Tina Michelle presents her life changing workshops from her Discovering Your Enlighenment series all over the country. Visit Tina Michelle's website at www.tinamichelle.com or call the office for a private consultation at 740-377-3022

Profile and Credentials        

As a full-time professional psychic, an Angelologist, and a Workshop leader as well as Guest Speaker on the topics of Near Death and Angels, she travels the U.S. speaking on the power within us all and the connections we all can make (even in the darkest hours), is what makes her life worth living. Tina Michelle would love to work with you sometime. Her passion is teaching. She loves to teach others how to open themselves to their own personal power through the remarkable unconditional acceptance of the Angels.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

You can book an appointment for a reading online or by phone. 45 min. = $125.00 15 min. = $50.00 (past clients only) 15 min. = $50.00 (pet readings) phone the Office at 740-377-3022 or email tina_michelles_newsletter@yahoo.com Discovering Your Enlightenment Spiritual Learning Series For those who want hands-on interaction and study, this on-line course allows anyone to attend from any area of the world! If you are a newly initiated metaphysical practitioner, a beginning psychic, or someone who just wants to understand their place in the Universe better, this may be the class for you. There are classes for everyone, from the housewife to the Reiki Master. This course focuses on metaphysics, connection to spirit and psychic development. This is a supportive environment that is open to everyone, as everyone has a connection to Spirit. Discovering Your Enlightenment's main goal is to open the opportunity for everyone to learn. Many of Tina Michelle's workshops have been placed on affordable CD's ($17 each) or on-line download accessible ($8), which allows the user to access the information again and again! This is an opportunity for the budget-minded students to learn on their own time and financial scale. All self-enrichment worksheets designed for each CD are available for free printing to assist you. If you choose the more in-depth student program, the cost for the entire 17 month / 17 seminar program is $333.00. These fees are non-negotiable and are payable at the time of registration and enrollment. We regret that we cannot take payments; it is just too time consuming to do the bookkeeping for it. I do, however, take Visa and MasterCard via the phone, and PayPal accepts all forms of payment including checks.

Angel Art        

Each drawing is based entirely upon the client. Some Angels draw themselves in very bold, almost childish ways. While still others draw themselves very detailed. Again, it depends upon the client I am reading and the energy the ANGELS show me. See more Angel Art by clicking into my Gallery.

Career Highlights        

RADIO APPEARANCES:Tina has been a special guest on numerous radio stations including: WKEE (WV) WTCR (WV) WDDG (WV) WMUL (WV) WAMX (WV) B-94 (OH) WGNT (OH) FM100 (TN) WTNG (Dallas, TX) A 3 month residency on ANGELWAVES radio - Eastern seaboard area - considered an expert on ANGELS Wisdom radio - Jill and Friends - Topic ANGELSTELEVISION APPEARANCES:Women's Lifetime Network - Chance with Melissa Etheridge FOX Network - Goin' Deep with Chris Myer FOX Network - Scariest Places On Earth with Linda Blair CBS Affiliate (WJTV) - UNEXPLAINED with Ric Garner NBC Affiliate (WPTY) - News interview with Marshall CTV (National Canadian Television) - On air interview and readings with Ben Mullroney WCLL - Columbus OH - Jeff - Christy Show - 5 time return guest/angel expert. Indepth ABC affiliate interview PRINT PUBLICATIONS: Pattern Pieces Spiritual Magazine - 4 articles (supplied upon request). Sometimes It's The Journey, Not The Destination - Winged One Press AUDIO PUBLICATIONS: Faces Of The Past - Past Life Recall Audio Cassette - 50 minutes Soul Mates - Twin Flames - Audio CD 78 minutes Angelic Communication: Establishing A Daily Connection - 105 minutes Healing The Goddess: Recovery From A Women's Trauma - Pending A projected series entitled Discovering Your Enlightenment Spiritual Learning Series - 28 CD's, with various metaphysical topics. More information upon request. GUEST SPEAKING APPEARANCES: The Panel for the Paranormal - Romantic Times Literary Magazine International Booklover's Convention - Toronto Canada Lilydale Spiritualist Camp - Cassadaga, NY July 2000 - July 2002 Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp - Orlando area - January 2003 Universal Light Show - Guest Speaker 2000, 2001, 2002 Whole Life Expos - Various locations throughout US Sea Angels Psychic Cruise - Inner Wellness Conference - 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, - pending 2003. - Founder of this eventAnd Check Out Her...Discovering Your Enlightenment Spiritual Learning Series Various Titles in the Series include,Soul Mates & Twin Flames Angelic Communication: Establishing Daily Contact Healing The Goddess: Recovery From Women's Trauma Past Lives Uncovered Healing The Inner Child


The 8th Annual Sea Angels Cruise & Inner Wellness Conference kicks off the new year with a special theme "Mayan Magic" destination: Western Caribbean (Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, Grand Cayman...). This awesome mystical travel experience will assist in your spiritual growth as some of the world's best spiritual teachers share their knowledge and techniques with you. Our workshops range in many levels including someone with just a bit of interest, to the advanced student (many classes offering C.E.U's). Don't miss out, BOOK NOW!


"Tina is such a caring person & has helped me tremendously. She can connect with people & do miracles. She makes you feel so much better at times when you don't feel so good about the direction your life has taken. She helps you put things into perspective. She makes such a difference in all the lives she touches, thats something I hope I can do in some way as well." ANGEL ART WARNS OF LUMPMARTY: The drawing by Tina Michelle on that cold December night was frighteningly accurate. Tina's knowledge warned and protected me. I thank her for giving me such timely advice, and will always be grateful to her... MONICA: I chose a "health" reading because my husband and I had been trying to have a baby for several years and our struggle with infertility really ruled our life...... TINA RAY: I attended a spiritual gathering about 5 years ago that Tina Michelle was hosting. During that meeting, many messages were brought forth for the group. I was delighted some were for me. Tina was very specific, including the way the incident happened to my daughter Morgan...

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