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Utopia Music

Theresa Griffith


Sacramento, Ca 95726
United States
T: 1-866-4UTOPIA


Medicinal music for pain and stress management, massage therapy, healing touch, reiki, yoga, autism, ADD, birthing, dying, meditation, inner healing etc. Three CD's available by Theresa Griffith, internationally known Celtic Flutist and Vocalist. Theresa plays 10 different rare flutes as well as the Bamboo Sax, and Celtic Lap Harp. Also conducts Healing Concerts for spirit, soul and body.

Profile and Credentials        

Imagine a Celtic flutist and vocalist who not only plays ten different rare flutes, and Celtic Lap harp, but does so prophetically, meaning this artist goes into the recording studio with no music.

Instead, she asks for a Divine impartation. The results have been supernaturally life changing for the people who experience her Healing Concerts. Perhaps that is why this lovely lady has gone from twenty five years of abuse and ten years of chronic illness, many times bedridden, to international status in only four years.

And just what does a prophetic concert look like?

A seat of honor is placed in the front of the room where people are welcome to sit and receive their live prophetic blessing. They are then invited to pick the instrument of their choice from Theresa's table which is arrayed with unique flutes and harp for the musical part of the blessing. After this "heart massage" has transported them into the deepest realm of peace they may have ever experienced, they also receive an uplifting, verbal prophetic message sung by Theresa. And all the while a dancer is doing a spontaneous interpretation of the blessing that is being bestowed.

Philosophy and Comments        

Theresa Griffith is a person who radiates love and compassion because of her own deep experiences with pain. As a result of such profound suffering, she founded an organization called Somebody Cares, which assists people who suffer in any capacity. However, you don't have to be suffering to enjoy one of her unique concerts. Come for de-stressing, or for the pure enjoyment of an evening of rare instruments, exceptional skill and profound peace.

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