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Arnolds Concepts


Spellbound - The Ultimate Pagan Software Is Upon Us! This software is a great magical resource. A definite MUST HAVE for any pagan, wiccan or anybody who practices any form of witchcraft! Within Spellbound you will find information on runes, sabbats, tools used in the craft, glossary of terms, divination, incense, a HUGE selection of spells and MUCH MUCH MORE! This software is a great magical resource no matter what path you are taking! Not only is it extremely valuable and can be used by itself, but it is a great companion to just about any book you may currently own with it's vast amount of information on so many topics and areas which can also be used as a
reference to what your books assume you know such as specific incense blends, when there will be a waxing or waning moon, when certain pagan holidays fall and many more common ones! Don't wait any longer! Now you can make your magical journey a good one by downloading Spellbound at:
http://www.arnoldsconcepts.com or by clicking on the banner on the left!

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Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 98 And Up.

733 Mhz Or Better.

64 Meg. Ram

46.6 meg. Freespace
On Hard Disk

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