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Veeno Steiger



Sedona, AZ 86336
United States
T: 928 204 5646
F: 928 204 5801




Veeno Steiger


BEAUTY POINTING TO TRUTH. If Veeno could explain her Mandalas, she would not paint them. Every Mandala is a journey into the unknown. It happens through her openness and receptivity to the unexplainable. Veeno does not paint out of a vision. She is always surprised where the Mandala leads her. Although the symbols and color combinations that come are not explainable, they radiate a profound energy.

Profile and Credentials        

VEENO STEIGER is a gifted artist with a remarkable connection to healing energies. Through her attunement with these energies, her access to sacred geometry and 20 years of meditation, her LIGHT MATRIX ENERGY SYMBOLS have been born. These energy-tools have been used since 2000 by various healers throughout the USA. Besides being a "natural", Veeno is participating in a Mystery School's metaphysical training. All her work arises out of a state of meditation. Her powerful LIGHT MATRIX ENERGY SYMBOLS are an expression of the overflow and bliss Veeno is in while receiving them. It is her sheer joy to share these energy-rays. All LIGHT MATRIX ENERGY SYMBOLS created by Veeno are unique tools that can be used both for healing purposes and meditation. Through their geometric structure and the color-light, they bring a precious light energy, harmony and beauty into the life of the user and into the physical spaces they are placed.

Philosophy and Comments        

Veeno's LIGHT MATRIX ENERGY SYMBOLS are dedicated to “Zorba the Buddha”; the new man, who’s destiny is to travel through life with joy and awareness.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Order a Personal Energy Mandala from Veeno! For further information please visit www.veenomandala.com





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