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Christine Veno



2137 Sciota Trail
Northfield, MN 55057
United States
T: (507) 645-1645


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Christine Veno


My holistic approach includes Swedish/Esalen for relaxation, improved circulation and muscle toning; Tantsu which incorporates stretching for opening and freeing joint mobility; and Reiki to bring balance and harmony to the energy system; Lomi Lomi to help you reconnect with your body in a deeper, more intimate way, and Watsu® - Watsu® is an aquatic massgage that is done in the weightless environment of a heated pool. With its origins in Zen Shiatsu, the goal is to increase range of motion, decrease pain, balance body energies, increase circulation, and allow for a sense of freedom not found anywhere on land. Unlike physical therapy, which has its emphasis on specific body parts, aquatic bodywork - WATSU ® - focuses on the whole person and works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels simultaneously.

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Testimonial - Christine, I must say the experience you provided for me was obviously beyond finding words for. The aquatic massage was so much more than a physical healing. I really need to let you know how much I appreciated your kind gentle words and ways, The spirit is alive and well within your being and it is so softly radiating.

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