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Veronica Entwistle



Mill Valley, CA 94941
United States
T: 510 595-5564




Intuitive and Energy Counselor


Intuitive & Spiritual Counseling. We look into the flow of your soul's journey, find out what reactions and beliefs block your fulfillment in your current world, move the energy along to release fresh currents of creative healing energy. NB. I work by phone all over the world as well as in the Bay area.

Profile and Credentials        

BA in Communications and Education. 20 years' experience in spiritual and intuitive counseling and healing work by phone and in person in Canada, the US and Great Britian.

Philosophy and Comments        

We are pure spirit challenged to create love and healing in the third dimension. I work with the soul/spirit aspect of clients who feel trapped in their life on this planet, together we learn to create the lives we wish to lead. We have no idea how amazing we are as creatures and the level of creation we can master in the name of love.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday, Thursday, Friday and some Weekends. Hours are 10am - 6pm $125 per hour for a private consultation


Hear Veronica the second and forth Tuesdays on “In the Company of Angels” radio show on KNRY 1240 AM.

Tutored by Spirit, Veronica has developed a rapid style of intuitive counseling to guide fellow soul travelers into being their true self. She shifts the energy of our programming over the radio waves, the phone- around the world, on line, and face to face. Love and humor are two of Veronica’s trademarks.




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