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Virginia Davis-Maxwell



118 W. Main St. Brevard, NC
Brevard, NC 28712
United States
T: 828-877-2704
F: 828-877-2704


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Virginia Davis-Maxwell


Virginia Davis-Maxwell has been a health educator for over thirty years. Her mission as a fitness and health educator is to awaken in students an awareness of the body as a multidimensional system that is open, fluid, responsive and changing. Her goal is to inspire people to develop a conscious communication with their life force, pure positive energy and well-being. Each class is an inquiry into life expression, interconnectedness and co-creation of health and well being. For seventeen years she was the president of a holistic healing retreat center. There she taught yoga, meditation, Do-in, massage, Pilates, outdoor education and metaphysics. Virginia is a master trainer in Pilates and can train Pilates teachers in the method.

Profile and Credentials        

Virginia has integrated all of her experiences and studies into a holistic healing arts and personal training program.

Her training has been extensive and includes:

Bachelor of fine arts from Tulane University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Certified through the Yoga Alliance

Master Pilates trainer

Master NLP practitioner

Minister in the Agape Church

Certified in Jin Shin Jyutsu

Certified in herbalism from Rosemary Gladstar

Oneness blessing giver from Oneness University in Southern India

Certified in Yamuna Body Rolling

Meditation and Yoga Nidra

Philosophy and Comments        

The energy body and the physical body are always seeking harmony. The journey from where you are to more wellness can be joyful and fun. You can start wherever you are right now and gradually and gracefully make changes which allow the body to detox, rejuvenate, achieve more functionality and attain a higher frequency.

Virginia has combined thirty years of movement, dance, the science of anatomy, physiology and kinesology into a method she terms "easy action exercises" and teaches this with all of her yoga, Pilates and strength training.

If you have not been able to achieve results with a well being and physical program, come visit Virginia. She will introduce you into the joys of discovering your body.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions with Virginia 20% off first session

Private sessions of Pilates and Yoga, strength training $65. session

Duets (two people) $40 per person

Thai Yoga Sessions 90 minute - $90.

Pre-paid discount packages are availalbe. Call Virginia for more information.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching (rejuvenation, detoxification, restoration and food choices) $100 first session, $60 following sessions.

Home Gym and Wellness Program - minimum of 10 private sessions, Virginia will design your personal program for fitness and well-being. Call to set up your consultation.

Meditation and Spiritual Counseling session $75

Meridian Yoga        

Meridian yoga is a sequence of yoga postures that follows the restorative cycle of the 5 element system of traditional chinese medicine.

Virginia has combined her knowledge and wisdom of energetic healing and Yoga into a series of movements to open, harmonize and tonify all the major meridians in the body. These movements bring more breath and chi into the fascial and connective tissue of the body which rejuvenates all of the organs and endocrine system. She encourages people to learn this routine as a lifelong personal practice to rejuvenate and build their personal power and their life force.


Virginia has combined yoga, dance and chi kung into a gentle system of movements that restore and lubricate the connective tissue and the joints (articular system). When the joints are healthy and springy the muscles receive more blood and nourishment. These movements contribute to a feeling of grace, flow, vitality and longevity in the body.



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