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Veola Momon



PO Box 170214
Atlanta, GA 30317
United States
T: 404-373-1955


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Dr. Veola Momon PsD


New Genetic Breakthrough the study of genetic inheritance through a persons physical features. The art of interpreting those physical features that determines a persons character of their genetic inheritance as far back as six generations. From the shape of the head, face and eyes to the turn of the nose and the length of the face all hold the truth of what lies within.

Profile and Credentials        

As a doctor of personology (genetic analyst) my interest has always been in the makeup of man, what make a person do the things they do, even myself. The journey has been over thirty years of learning and studying and now having experienced much in my life, business and schools I can truly say I have earned a doctorate based on my life experiences.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that in order to live a life of joy and peace you must experience the unfolding from the old life. That if what I unfolded from and you are experiencing a situation similar I can help because I understand it all. A woman that has not had a baby cannot tell another how it feels during or after birth. To get help it must be from the one who knows and if one has not experienced it they should not try to tell another about it.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Work hours are:4:00pm - 7:pm M-F. Weekends; 9:am - 4:00pm Fees are based on work. Profiling;Full, $124.99 Face/Sideview, general profile $64.99 Photos only Children/Profile general $44.99 Photos only Consultation by phone all 15 mins. $30.00 Workshops 10-15 $25.00 each 1 1/2 hr Parties, Conventions, Showers, Clubs, Fundraisers to be discussed and more.





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