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Melanie Votaw



358 St. Johns Pl., #F
Brooklyn, NY 11238
United States
T: 718-230-1927
F: 360-361-3850


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Votaw Photography


Nature photographs taken on four continents - landscapes, exotic birds, butterflies, big cats and other mammals. Prints and greeting cards available for purchase. View galleries at http://www.VotawPhotography.com.

Profile and Credentials        

Melanie Votaw has exhibited at Westside Camera in New York City, and her work has also graced the office walls of Sting's Rainforest Foundation. Eight of her photographs, along with nearly 70 images by other photographers, are included in her coffee table book, "Hummingbirds: Jewels On Air," published by Running Press in April 2003. For more information about her books currently available on Amazon.com and her other writings, see http://www.RuletheWord.com. SHE CURRENTLY TEACHES AN ONLINE COURSE FOR SUITE UNIVERSITY ENTITLED, "ATTRACTING BACKYARD HUMMINGBIRDS." VISIT http://www.suite101.com/course.cfm/19056/seminar to learn more! Additionally, Melanie's images will appear in an upcoming book by the Michael Wilcox School of Colour, as well as the National Honey Board website. Her photographs are also featured on several fine art websites such as ArtAreas.com, ArtistsRegister.com, and ArtWanted.com. Member of North American Nature Photography Association, Nature Photographers Network, and Women In Photography International.

Philosophy and Comments        

From the leopards of Africa to the icebergs of Newfoundland ... From the macaws of the Amazon to the peaks of Switzerland ... my sense of wonder has been nurtured by the natural world. One of my greatest joys is experiencing a wild place while photographing its fauna and flora. The feeling of awe I experience immersed in mountain, birdsong, bushveldt, or cicada choir is as profound a spiritual practice as any meditation. Thus, my photographs are not a travel record, but works of art which reflect a constant striving for, and testament to, the human connection to all things and the circle within which we must participate rather than control. I offer my images to you in the spirit of sharing that awe, as well as the grace of capturing a moment on paper.

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