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Meghan Warner



P.O. Box 130055
Boston, MA 02113
United States
T: 781-639-6002


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Warner Wellness


LABOR AND BIRTH DOULA SERVICES: My style is very holistic and nurturing. To me, birth is a sacred experience and as your doula I will support you and your family with all my heart and soul: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually every step of the way. I bring energy to ground each mother and to create a safe, sacred and loving environment for the newborn to enter into the world. MASSAGE: My style of massage is very relaxing and healing. I incorporate Swedish massage tecniques and my own intuitive energy to send you into a deep state of peace in your body, heart, and soul. I am a Certified Massage Therapist and offer home visits in the Boston area. I also specialize in prenatal massage for pregnant mothers. Treat yourself to a massage in the comfort of your own home.

CHAKRA & ENERGY BALANCING COACH: Are old wounds limiting your experience of pure joy? Give your Spirit a chance to heal itself and get its power back. Re-learn to trust your intuition by healing your chakras. By healing & balancing your chakras, you will learn how to protect your emotional, physical & spiritual bodies. Chakra Coaching is a healing & intuitive feedback session done by phone or in person. During the session, together, we will balance your chakras & energy. Initial Coaching Session is FREE!!

LIFESTYLE & ACHIEVEMENT COACH: As time passes, are you taking the time to evaluate what is most important to you? Are you living with true purpose in life? Lifestyle Coaching will get you back on track. Over the past ten years I have become an expert in professional & personal development & coaching. I have a unique way of empowering & inspiring individuals & teams to discpver & reach their highest potential. My direct communication & powerful ability to see the big picture creates groundbreaking results. Initial Consultation Session is FREE!!

Profile and Credentials        

BA in Psychology: University of MA 1991

Certified Doula by DONA: Training Sept 2000

Birthing From Within Childbirth Class: Feb 2000

Certified Massage Therapist: January 1999

Doula Volunteer at SF General Hospital: ‘98 -‘00

Natural Resources Doula Training: March 1998

Massage Therapist since 1989

Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Two years of Energetic & Healing Training: 1995 & 1996 at the Great Peace Foundation in Richmond, CA.

Chakra Balancing Coach since 1996

Intuitive Spiritual Energetic Healer

Ongoing Studies of Holistic Awareness & Spiritual Consciousness since 1985

500 hrs of Leadership & Teambuilding Training

100 hrs of Time Management & Goal Setting

Ten Years of Professional & Personal Transformation Work

Extensive Training in Coaching, Facilitating & Mediation Techniques

Specialist in Innovative Solution Management

Six Years Experience at Franklin Covey

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

See website at http://www.warnerwellness.com/ for complete schedule and fees.





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