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Carmen J Day



Winnetka, CA 91306
United States
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The Wealth4U Life Coach


Profile and Credentials        

Carmen J. Day is a motivational speaker, author and radio show producer and host. Trained as a life coach, a student of Laws of Attraction, and a mortgage banker for over seven years, she brings strategic and spiritual practicums in her delivery.

She is a woman of momentum...she is motion in action and conveys with authentic enthusiasm our true purpose in life! She inspires and is inspired;, is admires and is admired; she appreciates and is appreciated for her candid humor and her strong passionate delivery resonates to the core of her audiences.

Carmen says, she has known since a small child what her mission was, and she is determined to fill it. She is a speaker, radio talk show host and author of several e-books and of "Mission Possible", co-authored by Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy. Found on Amazon.com

Day effectively assists others with changing error thinking that no longer serves to more healthy ones that manifests desirable results. People call Day the Wealth4U Life Coach because she incorporates spiritual laws and strategic principles within her messages and writings, she articulate stories and practicum with humor, and deliberate precision. She believes and reveals that each of us are storehouses of wealth, information, creativity and resource to create whatever in life we desire. With this innate gift and application of basic principles, each person can have a life filled with peace, joy, goodwill, wisdom, perfect partnerships and relationships that will produce an overwhelming flow of abundance and prosperity in any area of your life.

"Wealth is all encompassing"...Carmen's talk show Wealth4U in Spirit Talk format is in an interview format with wealth conscious guests. The main thrust is to expand the mindset to see wealth from all perspectives. Wealth is not merely about material accumulation, it is about deeper inner strengths and understanding of spiritual wealth. In order to really tap into the flow of abundance, one must first transform the mind and be reformed which cultivates good soil for great crop, harvest or visible manifestations", Day says. " It's really an inside then outward type of living, Carmen believes. Simply it is a state of allowing...Wealth to be your way of thinking! It is a consciousness filled with gratitude and a mindset of servitude."

"Universe places people like me on another path to remind them of their date with destiny, actually like a check point in their experience to assist by giving directions to the next stop". She believes that sometimes each of us need someone other than ourselves to believe in our dreams. There are the dream steelers, she is the dream believer.

So, when we are shaken from the truth whilst in the storms of life, we can draw upon the inner strength within and elevate our awareness that all things are working for my good...getting through is a must....for "I AM", Day says.

Carmen conducts seminars all over the country about the Science of Getting Rich and Manifestation. As a motivator and student of the life, her approach have audiences experience a wide range of emotions...she is funny and her stories are real life situations that touches others hearts. Carmen was born to speak, teach and be taught!

Day's passion is best demonstrated within her purpose statement. It reads similar to a creed...she calls the Wealth Creed:

I AM that I AM, in which I AM all that I AM right now! I am created to be a blessing and to live the blessed life. The fire in my belly is my faith, which burns to remind me to encourage, empower and inspire another. I am born to stir up the gifts within and of others that will inspire them to remain on their divine courses. My life is a demonstration of the life of God, and so is each life.

She has used her TV and radio personality to share with her listeners Universal laws, meditation and other modalities for expressing our unique gifts. For which we are held accountable, and the use of them. "Wealth4u in Spirit", on world talk radio has interviewed many of the SECRET personalities, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, Loral Langemier, and her home minister being Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, she embraces the Laws and practice daily.

The shows archives are on her website for your future enjoyment at www.carmenjday.com.

The Law of Attraction, one of the most talked about law is working right now! What are you going to do with this miraculous acquaintance through the phenomenon use of the Internet? Carmen suggests living in the present and calling or writing her. She awaits the discovery of this meeting and is appreciative of the pre-ordained appointment that has come to network with each of you. Your divine appointment with Carmen has arrived.

Visit her website www.carmenjday.com. Day is a speaker and teacher of wealth wisdom principles. She is available for retreats, book signings, seminars and personal life coaching. She is touring and offering seminars in your area ...contact her if you or your group can benefit from the Secret behind the Secret Seminars or talk, the Secret of Getting Rich Seminars, book signings or to share your enriching stories.

The Wealth4U Life Coach,

Peace and blessings


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