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Marita Brake



PO Box 501
Normal, IL 61761
T: 309-663-1589
F: 309-664-7971


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Marita Brake


Soulfull and soul filled, Marita's music is an eclectic array of originality, with nods to Celtic, blues, jazz, folk and just about any other genre that strikes her fancy. This musical menagerie of styles and influences suits her well, both in her stage presence and in performance. She has showcased at Carnegie Hall, performed for two presidential inaugurals and has been featured in People Magazine. She has two CDs to date: Gypsymoon and soon to be released, Celtic Rose. If you are a big fan of Eva Cassidy, you'll love Marita.

Profile and Credentials        

Go to www.maritabrake.com and click the "career" button.

Philosophy and Comments        

Critics have hailed Marita as "sheerly poetic" and "delightfully inventive".
In her own words, Marita states: "I see my music as a vehicle for positive inspiration. A place where anyone can feel at home with themselves. I hope that my music is honest and true to the human spirit and at the same time fun and entertaining. I strive for that. I want my creations to touch you, make you laugh and be maybe, just a little crazy."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

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CD Prices: Gypsymoon: $15 each + shipping
Celtic Rose Preorders: $15 +shipping

The Celtic Rose        

Listening to this latest release from indie artist, Marita Brake, is a lesson in musical serendipity. It is a tremendous potpourri of undiscovered treasures, cinematic nuances and Brake's personal story told in self penned, yet ancient sounding Celtic tales, a sort of Celtic confessional, if you will.

Featuring Brake' striking vocals and collaborator, Kent Thompson's ethereal keyboard arrangements, The Celtic Rose, invokes visions of enchanted forests and misty, green hills. This is music that touches the heart, stirs the soul and fills you with whimsy.




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