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Brutus of Windhorse Healing Arts & Holistic Academy


Brutus of Windhorse Healing Arts & Holistic Academy

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    If YOU are interested in redefining your life,

    Reclaiming your birth-right as a healer and improving your life,

    Learning the sacred metaphysical arts and energy healing,

    Finding a better path to peace and wholeness,

    Making a difference in our world,

    Then you have found your path to home!

    See our complete course listings on the brutusofwindhorse.com website

  • Profile and Credentials        

    The American Veterinary Naturopathic Association (AVNA) proudly gives full accreditation status, effective June 01, 2006, to the Brutus of Windhorse educational institution’s Holistic Animal Healer Program. Upon successful completion of this curriculum, graduates will qualify to apply for Board Certification through our association by having met adequate academic qualifications.

    We are fully accredited as an educational institute of higher learning through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification and Accreditation Board. The American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification and Accreditation Board was established in 1990. The AADP is dedicated to promoting an enhanced professional image and prestige among practitioners of traditional and non-traditional therapies and methodologies. The AADP's national and international membership body is made up of MDs, NDs, DCs, OMDs, PhDs, DDs, RNs, Herbalists, and other "drugless" practitioners. The AADP does not cater only to one field or practitioner, but unites all professional holistic health practitioners.

    Brutus of Windhorse Healing Arts & Holistic Academy is also accredited by the International Natural Healers Association, INHA, an organization dedicated to alternative and spiritual healing. Graduates of certificate and degree programs, upon application, will be granted one year of free basic membership with renewal options thereafter.

    AADP and INHA are private accrediting agencies intended to meet the needs of non-traditional education.

    Upon graduation, you can apply for Board Certification through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Become an Ordained Minister and not only protect yourself when healing others but be able to officiate Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals and any other duties you choose.

    Philosophy and Comments        

    This is a good place "to hang your hat and stay a while". The founder and director of this Academy successfully, with the help of Great Spirit, Spirit World and traditional medical treatment, gave herself complementary treatment for advanced cancer. Not only did she survive, but she also successfully treated her beloved companion for cancer. In both of these quests, Windhorse Spirit Song embraced natural modalities and supplements, and engaged the energy medicine, sacred metaphysical and healing arts. The odds were overcome!

    We are living in an exciting time! For the first time in a long time, Traditional Western Allopathic Medicine and Natural Complementary/Alternative Medicine are coming together for the well-being of Life. The two "worlds" are meeting with respect and we can once again take our rightful place as healers.

    Life is a sacred gift and is not to be wasted. Spiritual vision, the ability to see and understand what cannot be seen, but only felt with the heart and spirit, can be found in all cultures. And so it is with natural healing modalities; they, too, are integral facets of our ancestral cultures. Come journey with us and learn about the natural methods to health, wellness and peace! May you walk in the Light of Creator and on the breath of that love. TM Aho!

    Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

    Degree Programs        

    Degree Programs offer students academic competence, actual scholarly degree status, and recognition as a professional. Students who have completed their academic programs can apply for accreditation through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

  • Associate Doctor of Divinity - Holistic Living

  • Doctor of Divinity - Holistic Living

  • Associate Doctor of Divinity - Holistic Animal Healer

  • Doctor of Divinity - Holistic Animal Healer

  • Doctor of Divinity - Metaphysics

  • Doctor of Divinity - Earth Medicine

  • Associate Doctor of Divinity - Spiritual Minister

  • Doctor of Divinity - Spiritual Minister

    For detailed information about any of these Degree Programs, please see this page - http://www.brutusofwindhorse.com/program_degree.htm

  • Certificate Programs        

    Certificate Programs offer students the ability to earn professional status and recognition. Certification is the portal to acceptance within the Alternative Medical Field and a great stepping stone toward a true Degree. Brutus of Windhorse Healing Arts and Holistic Academy offers Certification Programs of self-paced distance learning. We offer support and encouragement to help you become the very best you can be. Students who have completed their academic programs can apply for accreditation through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

  • Holistic Health Practitioner

  • Master Holistic Health Practitioner

  • Energy Medicine Practitioner

  • Spiritual Healer

  • Master Spiritual Healer

  • Holistic Animal Healer

  • Master Holistic Animal Healer

  • Metaphysical Practitioner

  • Master Metaphysical Practitioner

  • Earth Medicine Practitioner

  • Master Earth Medicine Practitioner

  • Acupuncture/Anatomy Certificate Program

    For more information about Certificate Programs, please see this page - http://www.brutusofwindhorse.com/program_certificates.htm

  • Home Study Courses        

    For more information or to register, please see this page


    A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity $165.00

    A. Anatomy & Physiology- Level I $220.00

    A. Anatomy & Physiology- Level II $220.00

    A. Anatomy & Physiology- Level III $220.00

    A. Anatomy & Physiology- Level IV $165.00

    Age and How to Navigate the Changes $165.00

    Ayurveda Primer $220.00

    B. General Course of Acupuncture Therapy $165.00

    Breast Cancer- A Survivor's Pathway $220.00

    C. Introductory Level Acupuncture Therapy Part 1A $220.00

    Chakra Balancing $165.00

    Co-Creation of Our Lives $165.00

    Commandments of Self-Esteem $165.00

    Communicating with Animals- Part 1 $220.00

    Communicating with Animals- Part II $220.00

    Crystals as a Healing Art $175.00

    D. Classical Acupuncture Therapy Part A $220.00

    Divinity and the Universe $165.00

    E. Intermediate Level Part 2A (Head, Neck, Upper Limb) $220.00

    Eating & Nutrition $110.00

    F. Classical Acupunture Therapy Part B $220.00

    G. Intermediate Level Part 3A (Back, Lower Limbs) $220.00

    H. Advanced Level Part 2B (Head, Neck, Upper Limbs) $220.00

    Healing Alternatives for Beginners $110.00

    Healing Power of Pets and Living with Them $165.00

    Herbal Therapy and Homeopathy $165.00

    How to Build Better Relationships with Pets $165.00

    I. Classical Acupuncture Therapy Part C $220.00

    Introduction to Energy Medicine $165.00

    Intuitive Living and your Inner Sacred Energy Portals $165.00

    J. Acupuncture and Sports Medicine- Level I $220.00

    J. Acupuncture and Sports Medicine- Level II $220.00

    J. Acupuncture and Sports Medicine- Level III $220.00

    J. Acupuncture and Sports Medicine- Level IV $220.00

    K. Differentiation of Syndromes Internal Medicine $220.00

    Kindred Spirits $220.00

    L. Classical Acupuncture Part D $220.00

    Lightarian Reiki Master $300.00

    Lightarian Reiki – Level III $60.00

    Lightarian Reiki – Level IV $60.00

    Lightarian Reiki – Levels I & II $100.00

    Lightarian Reiki – Levels V & VI $60.00

    Lightarian Reiki- Buddic Boost $25.00

    Listening to Your Inner Guide $165.00

    Living Life Without Fear and Loving Without Regret $165.00

    Love, Miracles and Spiritual Understanding $220.00

    M. Advanced Level 3B (Back and Lower Limbs) $220.00

    Magnetic Energy $220.00

    Making Peace with the Divine $165.00

    Mantras, Prayers, & Ceremonies $110.00

    Meditation Through Energy and Spiritual Awareness $165.00

    Pilgrimage of Identity $165.00

    Pre-Conception Parenting & Birth with Spirituality $187.00

    Reconciliation of Life $165.00

    Reflexology $165.00

    Reiki Master $165.00

    Saying Goodbye to a Loved One- Part 1 $165.00

    Saying Goodbye to a Loved One- Part II $165.00

    Self Empowerment $165.00

    Self Empowerment $135.00

    Soul Prints $165.00

    Spiritual Power- Spiritual Practice $165.00

    Spiritual Solutions to Life $165.00

    Spirituality of Relationship $220.00

    Stress Management $220.00

    Sub-Species or Divine Guides? $220.00

    The Emerging Woman $135.00

    The Nature of Natural Healing- Part 1 $220.00

    The Nature of Natural Healing- Part II $220.00

    The Sacred Hoop: Sacred Spirit-Sacred Pipe $137.50

    The Sacred Hoop: Sacred Spirituality $165.00

    The Sacred Hoop: The Beckoning $137.50

    The Sacred Hoop: Welcome Home $137.50

    Understanding Flower Essences $165.00

    Understanding the Language of the Sacred $165.00

    Vibrational Energies $220.00

    Visualization $135.00

    Wellness & Cleansing $165.00

    What Animals Teach Us $165.00

    Wisdom of Ages Past: East $165.00

    Wisdom of Ages Past: Father Sky $165.00

    Wisdom of Ages Past: Mother Earth $165.00

    Wisdom of Ages Past: North $165.00

    Wisdom of Ages Past: South $165.00

    Wisdom of Ages Past: West $165.00

    Wisdom of Ages Past: You as the Co-Creator of Life $165.00



    Healing is about finding the balance within. It is within this balance that life flourishes and dysfunctional energy is cleared. Energy healings assist in creating the state of well-being within the body and therefore help to create an internal environment in which the body can maintain itself in optimum condition. Healings can be used for acute healing or to facilitate good maintenance of the body. Healings can be given to all forms of life for all living creatures have internal systems that need to be kept balanced. That is part of the cycle of life.

    Healing modalities that we offer for acute treatment or for maintenance are:

    Reiki - is a form of energy healing. Reiki can be given in person or sent through distant healings. Reiki, pronounced “ray-key”, is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is the inherent energy of life. In the Reiki courses, we learn how to use the energy. In the healing, we are sent the energy to help us to become more balanced, and, therefore to better facilitate the healing and clearing processes.

    Crystal Therapy - is a form of healing that goes back to Ancient Times. Stones contain healing properties and because of that, can be used to perform healing. In the Crystal Therapy course, we learn the properties of the crystals and how to work with them. In the crystal healings, crystal layouts are arranged for specific purposes of alignment and clearings and the crystal energy is sent through distant healings.

    Chakra Balancing - is energy work in which the chakras are cleared and balanced. Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy which assist the body with its primary function of staying healthy and balanced. When chakras are out of balance, the various bodily systems they regulate become severely affected. The Chakra course helps one to learn how to balance the chakras. In the chakra healing, the actual energy work to clear and balance the chakras is sent to you via distant energy work.

    Medicine Wheel Ceremonies - are ancient ceremonies that embrace the Sacred energy of the Directions, Guide Spirits and Animals, Elements and the Divinity of the Universe. The course on Medicine Wheel Ceremonies introduces one to the sacredness of the Old Way. The Medicine Wheel healing ceremonies embrace the energy of the universe and transcend the earthly thereby creating a spiritual network of assistance working for the well-being and healing of the intended.

    Universal Energy - healing is a combination of light and movement energy. It is a concentrated form of visualization, color and intent. It speaks of Old Ways that lend themselves to Indigenous and Eastern medicine. This is a healing modality that embraces both color and energy therapies. It is effective alone or in combination with other healing modalities.


    Windhorse Spirit Song is an animal communicator embracing traditions of Old to connect with the animals. Her insights are on target embraced with sensitivity, respect, love and caring. Emergency readings are often given "on the spot" to help facilitate healing. Her passion is Life and the Non- Human Animal Kingdom and Mother Earth signify her love of life. Join Windhorse Spirit Song in tapping into your non-human animal's mode of communicating.


    Counseling is available through Windhorse Spirit Song. Windhorse is a former counselor for a crisis hotline and is a counselor in her private practice. Her credentials are an AA from Southwest College, a BA of Ed from Roosevelt University and a divisional MA from the University of Chicago. She is an ordained minister and Native American shaman trained. You will find Windhorse to be understanding and effective.


    Attunements are energies and intent that are sent for elevating energy to higher vibrational levels. When this higher level is manifest, the identification with the Divine of the Universe is more readily accessed. Reiki attunements are sent as components of the Reiki courses.


    Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? And just what their interconnectedness is to your waking life? Windhorse has been interpreting dreams for decades. With her shamanic training and psychological background from undergraduate school, her interpretations come through with clarity and understanding. Learn what your dreams mean and what they are trying to tell you. Learn how to become your own best friend by listening to what is being told to you through the ethers of Spirit World.


    When we tap into the power and knowledge of the Old Ways, we tap into the Universal energy of life and become one with Spirit. Windhorse Spirit Song comes from a long line of European Medicine Folk. Both her Grandmothers were Medicine Women and her Father was a Medicine Man. Windhorse Spirit Song channels as well as reads Native American, Medicine Woman, Medicine Animals- Spirits & Guides, Sacred Path, Lakota Sweat Lodge, and Angel tarot cards. You will find her readings to be enlightening, helpful and touching the deep inner parts of yourself. Wildrose has been studying spirituality, religion and divination for over ten years. Her numerology, tarot and sacred rune readings will help put you in tune with yourself and world around you.


    Coming soon...learn how healthy your body is, what nutrients it needs... by having a few strands of your hair laboratory tested. This is a great break through for health!

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