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Judi Thomases



Garnerville, NY 10923
United States
T: 845 354-0812
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Wisdom Path Guidance - Judi Thomases


Deep yet light-hearted, gentle spiritual guidance by psychic astrologer, Tarot consultant and trance-channeler Judi Thomases. A unique blend of services: intuitive, psychic, spiritual, psychological and deductive. 25+ years’ experience and excellent credentials. Member, 4 national metaphysical organizations. Also offering products (course tapes, bio-enhancing magnetic jewelry, inspirational art print) and information (pre-published articles, booklet of channeled messages) to help you on your journey.

Profile and Credentials        

Judi Thomases, a Phi Beta Kappa, member of two national astrological organizations (The American Federation of Astrologers, & The National Council for Geocosmic Research) and past vice-president and fund-raising Chairperson of The Astra Guild for Education, has been a professional astrologer and psychic Tarot consultant since 1975. Teacher, lecturer, writer, columnist, and consultant in astrology, Tarot, metaphysics, and intuitive sciences, she has appeared on radio and cable TV; been published in Dell Horoscope, The American Astrologer, The Inner Realm magazine, Writings on the Wall magazine, and Today’s Astrologer (the monthly bulletin of the American Federation of Astrologers); was featured on www.allexperts.com; has been profiled in Gannett newspapers, The Hudson Valley magazine, and The Hudson Valley Business Journal; and has been a speaker at conventions and seminars. She is quite accurate about forecasting coming trends, and is able to pinpoint specific dates for targeted activity. Judi has taught classes in 3 levels of astrology, and has clients from around the world.

Philosophy and Comments        

By using the tools of astrology and Tarot to outline energy patterns, and by offering deeper insights into the philosophy behind today’s new paradigm of the structure of reality, I’m trying to guide my client to an awareness of the two parts involved in following a Wisdom Path. As my own awareness has evolved, so did my message – especially after I began receiving higher guidance through the method elsewhere described as trance-channeling. I make a clear distinction between messages that are received (and thus require no effort to compose or edit) versus my original writings, which require a lot of editing etc. (although in recent times the latter has often been aided by mediumistic receptions).

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Every session holds: Full ASTROLOGICAL INTERPRETATION, plus PSYCHIC GUIDANCE using TAROT AND ASTRO-DICE. In addition, at no extra charge repeat-clients can have the option of A CHANNELED MESSAGE FROM THE BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT WORKERS (Judi’s guides) targeted specifically to your own personal spiritual needs.

Other services available include:

I Ching (Chinese coin method)
Psychometry (photo or object impressions)
Aura healing (sensing energy field around body, then cleansing vibrations)





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