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Rev. Zeynep Tufekci



St. Petersburg, FL 33709
United States


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ART OF CHEEK-E-BOOM Spiritual Movement; Sacred Dance


CHEEK-E-BOOM is spontaneous creative expression of “PASSION” that the Divine expresses through each of us individually. As a healer/minister, I facilitate spiritual awakening and growth through spiritual movement/sacred dance. Cheek-e-boom opens the mind to a dialogue with spirit and expression through the body, thus releasing the illusion; creating healing and wholeness. We cast a circle within Sacred Space as we explore our own expression of Divine.


Profile and Credentials        

ZEYNEP TUFEKCI, born in Istanbul Turkey, lived in England and Turkey and moved to the USA with her family in the early 1970s. She has lived in Florida since 1981.

Music and dance has always been her passion. Zeynep has been facilitating spiritual movement/belly dancing as a body/mind/spirit experience since March 2000. Presently, Zeynep performs at various venues and special events inspiring and empowering her audience with interactive Belly Dancing. She teaches and holds workshops on spiritual movement/belly dancing at Healing, Fitness and Spiritual Centers and takes her passion to all spiritual and healing gatherings.

May 1st, 2004, Zeynep was ordained a healer/minister. She has studied the different healing techniques such as Magnetic Theraphy, Chakras and Colors, Reiki I and II, Aromatheraphy, Therapeutic Touch, Crystals and Sound. She is currently studying the wisdom of the Celtic Shaman, recalling her genetic memory as warrior,maiden, mother, crone, sovereign, shapeshifter.

Zeynep has dedicated her life to God, to His service and His expression in and through her. She carries a message of "Global-Oneness" through Cheek-e-Boom spiritual movement/belly dancing, inspiration, expression and her words of Eternal Love and Healing. As a catalyst for global peace and unity, she bring into all her interactions a unique blend of the exotic East and West.

Philosophy and Comments        

Music and dance are the universal expressions of the Creator. It is a journey beyond words to our inner connectiveness. It is all encompassing.

So I invite you, come, CHEEK-E-BOOM with me! Come to learn, to teach, to communicate, to love, to heal, to interact or just be.

Through music and dance, learn, love and respect all the diverse spiritual and cultural traditions. When we stop resisting, the walls of separation we have created among ourselves will naturally dissolve away. Only then we can truly feel the peace and unity. Only then can we truly begin the experience of "Global-Oneness" and choose to heal our world.

Let us integrate our resources and unite our efforts and let us harness the energy created by our consolidated strength and direct it towards the global healing of our Living Earth.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please check my website for the current schedule. Classes and playshop fees vary.

Private sessions are available.

Spiritual Movement/Sacred Dance Playshop        

combine the chakra dance with the elemental dance,

throw in a little Earth energy

and a dash of Kundalini

enhance with sacred postures and movements belly dance…

DANCE/MOVEMENT THERAPHY - Center and ground your energies, balance your chakras; move to the Elements, the creatures of the 4-directions, drums and prayers around the world. Experience healing of body/Mind/Spirit through the ancient art form of spiritual belly dancing. Flow with the currents of your heart. Connect to the universe through MOTHER EARTH.

Spiritual Healing and Guidance        


I am available to be a channel of Allahim/God's love, to inspire, to listen, to share, to guide and counsel you on your path and hold a sacred space of healing and higher truth for you. Cheek-e-boom I have come to understand opens the mind to a dialogue with spirit and expression through the body, thus releasing the illusion. I would love to schedule a dance healing session for you. We will cast a circle into the Scared Infinite and then open up to healing! Some of the healing techniques practiced and used are: Movement, Prayer, Chakra cleansing and opening, Colors, Reiki, Crystals, and Sacred Breath.

Spiritual Belly Dancing Workshop        

Spiritual Belly Dancing workshops are designed to bring the focus to the energies of the feminine spirituality. Each class will begin by centering our energies, stretching and relaxing; chakra cleansing; then focus on the basic movements of belly dancing and pelvic and upper body combinations; creating sacred space with veils and finally, allowing absolute freedom of expression, we will each create our own fun and exciting interpretation of this ancient art form. We will wrap-up the class with a circle of peace as we balance our energies and send healing to our Living Earth.

WEDDINGS Civil or Religious, Formal or Casual Ceremonies        

The essense of this commitment is the taking of another person in his or her entirety as lover, companion and friend. I will work with you to select the right text and setting to create an opportunity for you to express your commitment and love to one another in a ceremony uniquely created for your union. As ordained minister in the State of Florida, I am authorized in accordance with local law, to perform all duties of the ministry including marriages and other religious ceremonies.

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