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John Stewart



1500 Tansley Drive Unit D-101
Oakville, ONT L6L 5K4
T: 905-827-9448


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Dr. John Stewart


We explore the use of Electromagnetic and Subtle Energy technologies to effect local and long distance radionic healing. Courses and classes are available in radionics, metaphysics and electromagnetic medicine.

Profile and Credentials        

Dr John Stewart, is a Biophysical Scientist, Electrical Engineer, Doctor of Natural Medicine and Psycho-Spiritual teacher in the emerging field of Evolutionary Collective Consciousness. Through his studies and dialogues with philosophers and other transpersonal leaders and through his extensive teaching work spanning four decades, Dr Stewart is collaborating to give birth to a new context for understanding spiritual development as a human evolutionary Attractor Force Field.

Dr. John Stewart has graduate degrees in Medical Sciences, Biophysics, and Electronics and a Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicine from the Open International University of Alternative Medicine. He is a former university lecturer at Toronto and Ryerson universities having taught courses in Physiology, Cardio-Pulmonary-Resuscitation and Medical Instrumentation, and was for ten years a federal government scientist responsible for medical instrumentation. He was a student of Michael Harner, Stan Grof, Hanna Kroeger and Raymond Grace. He is a certificant in Reiki II and NLP, a graduate of the Forum and is a student of Applied Kinesiology, Dowsing, Kundalini, Tantra, Radionics, Homeopathy, Kabbalah and Buddhism. He is a certificant of the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners. and a member of the American Antiaging Society and American Holistic Medical Association. He was a co-founder of the Ontario Chapter of Association of Humanistic Psychology (AHP), Ontario Biofeedback Society, Ontario Association for Science in Society (OASIS), Healing Arts Network of Ontario (HANO), Smart Connections, Metaphysical Mingling, Electronic Music Society, Canadian Chapter of the International Tesla Society, Course in Miracles Network and Halton Holistic Harmony. He is a retired member of I.E.E.E., A.P.E.O., B.M.A., A.A.M.I., I.S.S.E.E.M., A.H.P., A.A.A.S.

He is president of the Radionics Research Institute (www.raydionics.com) and of Biophysica Incorporated (www.biophysica.com) . He teaches courses in Energy & Vibrational Sciences and acts as a consultant for medical device manufacturers. His current research is focussed on technologies to restructure and purify water and to activate and enhance Pineal function for Creativity and Longevity. He has published many articles and his review of Consciousness and Quantum Physics was published in the Journal for Frontier Sciences.

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