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Arusha Topazzini



Goa, India






I wish to accompany people who are desirous to live their lives, heal their sexuality and step back into what they already are:
complete and unique individuals.

Together we will practice Tantra Techniques (Breath, Touch, Intimacy) and Tantric Massage.

I offer sessions for men & women.
Private & Group: www.arusha-tantra.com
Sessions for Women: www.arusha-tantra.org
My Blog. A mother dies: a daughter writes.

I am based in/around Scandinavia from May-September and Goa from September-April.

Profile and Credentials        

I studied with Martin du Toit from Alegraluz International School of Tantra.

Philosophy and Comments        

Tantra is 'weaving' and 'expansion'.
When you weave together into a wholeness every part of you, when you welcome all of you with your fears, regrets, mistakes, disappointments, hopes, joys, ugliness, beauty...and you do this with unconditional love, you also create space and expansion.

Tantra begins with Breathing.
When you breathe, with awareness, you create space inside.
Why? Because you understand that you are bigger than your mind.
That you do not have to get stuck in your mental-emotional processes or those of others.
Our minds are wonderful unlimited things. But we do not have to get stuck in them.
From Breathing, we become grounded in our body. The totality of our body. We bring back the focus INSIDE. Everything we think, feel, perceive, experience & understand is generated from the INSIDE of us- even if in response to something outside.
We can never touch anything,
We can only be touched by a...touch, moment, experience.

And from there...INTIMACY.
Intimacy is WHO WE ARE.
We do not need to strive for it.
We can only cut it.
Intimacy is Breath.
A dance between the weave and expansion of our being.
A dance between feeling all of ourself, ever cell of it, and understanding (from within) that we are connected to everything and everyone.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Each session lasts 6-8 hours.
Ideally we will have at least 2 sessions together, in order to integrate fully Tantra Techniques.
Contact me directly for rates.





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