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Yoga Classes with Moira


210 N. Dixon
Dixon, IL 61021
United States
T: 847.975.9642

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The world has changed since we were last able to practice together, however there are some things that stay the same. Yoga Classes with Moira . Even though we are not able to practice yoga in the same physical space you can now enjoy yoga classes with Moira in the safety of your own home! This is comfort Yoga at its best offered in an old-school way. The Yoga you know and love.

How it works:
A lifetime worth of yoga will be provided throughout the year in the volumes featured below:
A one-time annual payment of $280 gives you unlimited streaming access to a different expertly crafted, newly recorded, professionally paced and delivered audio yoga class with Moira for 30 days, every 30 days for a year. Payments can be made through paypal to askayogi@gmail.com. Once received a link to the first 30 days routine will be provided via email and there after every 30 days another will replace the first until 12 volumes have been delivered. Audio classes can also be purchased individually on a monthly basis as they become available for $24.95 .

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"He/She who does not venture does not cross the Sea"

"Moira provides the Sauk Valley with such wonderful yoga and a beautiful and convenient studio. I’ve experienced very tangible benefits from the start! Some of these include alleviating my TMJ pain, as well as I am stronger and faster swimming laps. I am amazed at the improvement I see each time, even if just a little. Instead of saying I can’t do it I now try to say I’m not there yet as Moira suggested- which I love!"- Vicki McConnell

"I SO enjoyed your workshop today. I especially loved the openness and interaction--so missing from many workshops. And it is all due to your presentation and your acceptance of what comes at you. I feel blessed to have been with you today. Thank you. You are a teacher's teacher, and we all need those." - Jill Browne

"I’m always a little concerned when workshops take me out of my comfort zone, but Moira's workshop made me feel at ease; especially with the meditation at the beginning. Moira goes at a pace that allows you to adjust to the pose and offers plenty of suggestions for tweaking. Practicing with Moira is about as good as it gets."
- Ralph Hannon


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