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Yoga with Moira

Moira O'Keefe


210 N. Dixon
Dixon, IL 61021
United States
T: 847.975.9642

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All Classes are on hold until further notice.

Thai Bodywork and Private Yoga with Moira in Dixon        

Book a uniquely tailored private Thai Bodywork or Yoga session with Moira in her Dixon home studio. Specials available above and to the right.

Thai Bodywork Sessions can:

* release energetic blockages

* increase flexibility

* restore balance.

* take your Yoga practice to a new level and help prevent injury

A typical session involves gentle stretching, palm, thumb, foot and forearm pressure along energy lines, rhythmic rocking, joint compression, decompression, and more. All stretching and pressure is done within the comfortable tolerance of the client, and the work is performed on a futon on the floor. Wear loose comfortable clothing, as you will remain fully dressed for this full-body treatment.

Private Yoga sessions can:

* improve flexibility and build strength

* offer techniques for managing and reducing pain and or stress

* take your Yoga practice to the next level by helping you achieve your specific "goal" poses

* increase awareness and limit progression of Scoliosis and other Spinal abnormalities

* introduce new props to your practice such as wall ropes and bolsters

Email askayogi@gmail.com or call 847-975-9642 to book your personalized session.


Yoga- Active classes for all levels(must possess a basic level of fitness). Classes begin with meditation and will explore the full range of Yoga poses.

Power Yoga Flow- A faster paced Ashtanga based heat creating class with multiple sun salutations and more

Restorative Yoga- Soothe yourself with Restorative Yoga. Practice positions that deeply stretch the body and Yogic breathing exercises that calm the nervous system. The emphasis is on relaxation and flexibility in these prop intensive Iyengar based classes. Benefits range from stress relief to improvements in spinal alignment and mobility, sleep and respiration. All-Levels, including people with spinal issues, illness or other injuries welcome .

Profile and Credentials        

Moira OKeefe has taught Yoga classes and workshops since the early 90s. In addition to her initial Yoga certification from an ashram Moira is one of just a handful in Illinois certified in Yoga for Scoliosis under Elise Browning Miller and is a member of the B.K.S.Iyengar Yoga National Association of the USA. Moira's experience and continual training over the years with many of the top Yoga instructors in the field allow her the versatility to teach the full range of Yoga students. Her yoga teaching style has an element of challenge while maintaining a hypnotic feel. In addition to offering her students precise and personalized Yoga instruction with therapeutic benefits, Moira is a Thai Bodywork and Reiki practitioner. Whether its in a Yoga class or workshop(see events); or while receiving a Thai Bodywork or Reiki session, it is Moira's intention to bring her students and clients to as pain free and fluid a place as possible. By improving the flow of energy through the channels of energy and safely and gradually working through blockages in body and in mind, a state of grace is achieved.

Philosophy and Comments        

"He/She who does not venture does not cross the Sea"

"Moira provides the Sauk Valley with such wonderful yoga and a beautiful and convenient studio. I’ve experienced very tangible benefits from the start! Some of these include alleviating my TMJ pain, as well as I am stronger and faster swimming laps. I am amazed at the improvement I see each time, even if just a little. Instead of saying I can’t do it I now try to say I’m not there yet as Moira suggested- which I love!"- Vicki McConnell

"I SO enjoyed your workshop today. I especially loved the openness and interaction--so missing from many workshops. And it is all due to your presentation and your acceptance of what comes at you. I feel blessed to have been with you today. Thank you. You are a teacher's teacher, and we all need those." - Jill Browne

"I’m always a little concerned when workshops take me out of my comfort zone, but Moira's workshop made me feel at ease; especially with the meditation at the beginning. Moira goes at a pace that allows you to adjust to the pose and offers plenty of suggestions for tweaking. Practicing with Moira is about as good as it gets."
- Ralph Hannon

Reiki Trainings - Available Upon Request        

Interested in learning Reiki? I need just a minimum of 3 to schedule a training.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

(See Yoga Classes in Dixon Above)

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