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California Academy for the Healing Arts


The California Academy for the Healing Arts is a State-Approved school offering cutting-edge and unique offering of courses; our intention is to provide excellent training in the holistic healing arts by offering energywork, bodywork, business and spiritual training in a synergistic curriculum. We offer courses in Reiki, emotional release work as part of energy healing, Shiatsu, sound healing, and we also train bodyworkers and energyworkers to teach courses in energywork and massage. We encourage our students not only to be excellent and successful practitioners, but also to be grounded, centered, and to develop spiritually. Our culture is one of unconditional love, honor and respect.

Profile and Credentials        

Our instructors are all highly-qualified health professionals(Holistic Health Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Reiki Master Teachers, Certified Hypnotherapists) with years of experience and training to provide you with the best instruction possible. The average experience level of our instructors is 7 years. We are a State-Approved educational facility, and your completed course hours may be used toward your application for a business license as a Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Energywork Therapist, Certfied Energywork Practitioner or Reiki Master Teacher. We are also in the process of applying for C.E.U.'s so that we may offer them to nurses and other professionals.

Philosophy and Comments        

In our culture everyone makes a contribution, we are all responsible for our own health, feelings, perspectives and relationships, we create alignment, freedom, empowerment, and respect which honors the individual as well as the collective.

We provide a framework in clinical and academic settings that gives our students the background they need to master the holistic healing arts, grow spiritually, succeed professionally, and enjoy radiant health and well-being. By taking responsibility for their well-being, our students make a difference in the world. We provide the tools and a safe learning environment in order to give our students the best opportunities to succeed professionally in a culture of transformation and self-development.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our course hours and fee schedules vary: for the independent student taking individual courses, we charge $12 per hour per course (not including books or special course fees). For program students, we charge $8.73 per hour per course (not including books or special course fees). Our 630-hour Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Energywork Therapist and Certfied Energywork Practitioner programs are offered for $5,500 (not including books or special course fees). Our Reiki Master Teacher program is $488.88 (not including books or special course fees).

Please contact us for specific schedules and course fees.

A Welcome Letter To You        

CAHA: Excellence in Education in the Holistic Healing Arts

Welcome to the California Academy for the Healing Arts. When you choose to participate in our educational program, you will begin a healing journey that will affect you on all levels. Whether you are interested in changing your career, embarking on a spiritual odyssey, or desiring to understand yourself at a deeper level, our purpose is to provide you with the vehicle for your journey. Our programs are designed to be well- rounded, so that you will receive training in physical and energetic healing modalities as well as business and physical body training. We unite the principles of body, heart, mind and spirit in our curriculum. Our goal is to develop well-trained, well-balanced, spiritually attuned individuals who are also capable business people. Our intention is that our training provides you with the tools you need to successfully pursue a rewarding career as a Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Energywork Therapist, Certified Energywork Practitioner or Reiki Master Teacher. Many of our courses are also designed for those who would like to take continuing education classes rather than develop a career in the holistic healing arts. If you are interested in personal growth, many of our courses are designed to accelerate your spiritual development.

We consider our students, faculty and staff all as part of the CAHA family and treat all of our community members as such. We look forward to having you to join us!

We are currently expanding our energywork courses to include a larger curriculum in energywork and massage courses, such as Touch for Health and Reflexology. We are in the process of applying for approval from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education so that we will be able to offer approved courses to our students to receive credit from a California state-approved school.

I welcome your inquiries and look forward to working with you on your path in healing.

Ariel F. Hubbard, Chancellor, California Academy for the Healing Arts

(949) 574-9480 cahaschool@sbcglobal.net

Our Objectives        

· To provide quality instruction in energywork, therapeutic bodywork and holistic health.

· To graduate students who are proficient in massage, energywork and other holistic healing arts.

· To provide training in basic anatomy, physiology, pathology and energy anatomy and their relationship to theory and practice in the holistic healing arts.

· To provide proper training in ethics and business practices necessary to prepare graduates for a successful holistic health practice.

· To provide proper training in therapist-client communications and communication with other health care professionals.

· To provide a clear understanding of the benefits and limitations of the holistic healing arts and the willingness to refer clients to other health care providers when necessary.

· To facilitate a spiritual growth and transformational experience for our constituents.

· To provide the community with holistic health services and providers.

· To provide continuing education courses to the public.

Our Mission Statement        

We are a teaching and healing community dedicated to the well-being of humanity and honoring the essence and Spirit of all. We uphold excellence in academic standards while focusing on mutual accountability and responsibility for the learning experience. By creating alignment with these values, we model a profitable and sustainable business.

Our Curriculum Makes Us Unique        

Our goal is to teach our courses holistically, so we combine elements of the mind (lectures), the body (physical exercise, such as t'ai chi and yoga), the emotions (emotional release work), and the spirit (meditation) when we teach. You won't be yawning in the classroom. Our courses are meant to stimulate all levels of your being in a synergistic fashion, while making the most of how you learn best, to facilitate the best learning experience possible. We also offer courses not found elsewhere: Sacred Sites, Managing Your Swirl, Energy Etiquette, Importance of Ritual, Understanding Psychology, and many others that will make your time memorable. We also offer a transformational and spiritually-oriented culture that will support your growth.

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