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J. Alison Hilber



P.O. Box 1841
Burlington, VT 05402
United States
T: 802-658-5313


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Change How You See, Not How You Look


Change How You See, Not How You Look Body Celebration Workshops for Women offers a curriculum for a six-week program (2 hrs a week) and a one-day intensive, suitable for taking "on the road." In essence, the workshops are about raising our awareness, encouraging our self-esteem, recognizing our beauty, celebrating our bodies, reclaiming our power, and progressing on the path to self-love and acceptance. It's about changing how we see with our eyes, our hearts, and our spirits.

Profile and Credentials        

B.A.,Transpersonal Psychology, Burlington College, Burlington, Vermont.

Philosophy and Comments        

I spent many years feeling angry and helpless about the self-esteem issues related to the thin-obsessed beauty standard in this society. I now endeavor to release the anger, take control and responsibility for my reactions, and celebrate who I am, as is, with unconditional love. My facilitation of the Body Celebration workshops has made my journey toward self-love possible and allows me to be bold and visible in the world. Sharing the lessons of that journey is a natural embodiment of my spirit.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Workshops are scheduled intermittently at the facilitator's discretion, or upon request from individuals or organizations.(See my website www.changehowyousee.com for currently scheduled workshops.) Space is limited to six women for the weekly sessions (currently held in Burlington, Vermont) and ten women for the one-day intensives (suitable for taking "on the road"). Alison is also available for 1-2 hour presentations to larger groups. The current fee schedule is $150 for the six-week workshop and $65 for the one-day intensive. If interested in a bumper sticker with the Change How You See Not How You Look slogan and logo, contact Alison for ordering information, or order through the website noted above.





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