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Joyce M. Walker LMT, LCT

Joyce M. Walker


3923 Lake Worth Road, Suite 101; Lake Worth Professional Center
Lake Worth, FL 33461-4049
United States
T: 561-433-2822

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Colon hydrotherapy (a high enema) is the slow inflow of warm purified (ultra violet, carbon fiter, and particle filter)water into the large intestine using disposable instruments. The treatment is gentle and done in a professional manner. It is a method of cleaning out the bowel and restoring regular bowel habits. It is a soaking process that loosens the encrusted material on the bowel wall, so that the wall is more flexible and moves better during elimination. This helps to lead to a cleaner body through more efficient elimination of wastes. Heat and massage to the abdominal area during the treatment helps the process. An alkaline diet with plenty of water and exercise helps your entire body.The Garden of Life Company has products to help the digestive system such as Primal Defense Ultra and Omega Zyme. The phone # is 1-800-622-8986. The Synergy Company at phone # 1-800-723-0277 has certified organic products such as Pure Radiance C and The Ultimate Superfood Formula. For a delicious snack see www.livingfoodsnacks.com referred by Joyce Walker. To help the bowel and the immune system you could get Native American Tea for a donation. Call Alice Bisset at 260-344-1442. Or go www.eartherbs.com for the same thing in a 2 oz. tincture of Chaga. Just a different form of the same mushroom. Please see www.240506.naturerich.net for your outer body cleansing with mineral soap. Something that I have found to help me tremendously has been alkaline water. Go to www.affinity4alkalinity.com and view. It has made a real difference in my health. Or you could call Brooke Peterson at 561-628-1845 to get information refereed by Joyce Walker. I also offer reflexology. Thank you for your time.

Profile and Credentials        

Graduated from Seminar Network Intl.(s. Fl.) massage school in 1990 and received Fl. license


massage and colon hydrotherapy (colonics).MM5241, MA10957

Philosophy and Comments        

Health begins in the colon. A toxic bowel left unattended could reduce the life span.
Waste that is

not eliminated thru the colon may seek expression through the other organs
of elimination: the liver,

kidneys and skin.
Colon hydrotherapy and massage help the body function and feel better.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday-Saturday by appt.

Colonic 1 hr. trmt. $ 60
or 3 trmts. within 30 days, 1st and 2nd trmt. $ 60 each, 3rd trmt. $ 45.

Reflexology 1 hr. trmt. $ 45
or 3 trmts. within 30 days, 1st and 2nd trmts. $ 45 each, 3rd trmt. $ 30. The office is located in the Lake Worth Professional Center. If you are interested in purchasing this business please feel free to contact me.





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