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Whole Body Wellness

Daphne Welp


Wholistic Kinesiology Center, 9809 Candelaria NE, Bldg. 3
Albuquerque, NM 87112
United States
T: 505-363-3152

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A source of alternative and complementary wellness care. Daphne offers Wholistic Kinesiology (identifying imbalances and what therapies are needed to balance them), Energy/Vibrational Healing (working with universal life force energy, healing guides and masters), Space Clearing (cleansing and purifying your personal environment), Reiki Certification Classes (teaching you to practice on yourself and others) and Ear Candling (helping the body to clear blockages in the ear as well as the head and neck area). My specialty is emotional and spiritual crisis intervention. My therapies address core issues on all levels (body, mind & spirit). Whether you're interested in preventative care, stress relief or have a serious chronic imbalance, natural therapies are available.

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Profile and Credentials        

I have been working with vibrational healing and energetic manipulations most of my life. Later, I added muscle testing as a tool to assist in the identification of imbalances. Following are the certifications that I have picked up along the way...

Certification Reiki I & 2, 1994

Certification Reiki Master/Teacher, 2000.

Certification Master of Magnified Healing, 1995.

Certification Wholistic Kinesiology, 2003. Advanced Certification, 2005.

Philosophy and Comments        

My basic philosophy is simple. Your body has the innate wisdom to heal itself. Whether using kinesiology and/or energy work, I am a listener and a facilitator that assists your body in reconnecting to its source and regaining a state of balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Everyone is unique, so why go with a standardized approach towards wellness? Symptoms are just your body's way to alert you that something is wrong at a deeper level, so why just treat those symptoms?

There are core physical, emotional and energetic reasons as to why you are sick, unhappy, overweight, achy, tired, unable to manifest, etc. You need to address these issues at their core level in order to truly achieve a well, balanced state.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I currently offer sessions Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-6. Space clearing is offered on other days of the week.

Energy Work = $59 for 1 hour

First Kinesiology Session = $89 for 1.5 hours

Follow-Up Kinesiology Session = $59 for 1 hour, $30 for 1/2 hour

Space Clearing = ranges from $82.50 - $110 for a 1.5 - 2 hour visit

Ear Candling = $59 for 1 hour (4 candles), $30 for 1/2 hour (2 candles)

Distance healing is available. Please call for rates and required information.

List of Healing Therapies        

Nutritional (food/chemical sensitivities & ASERT desensitization, identification and balancing of deficiencies, toxicities, pathogens)

Emotional (Emotional Freedom Technique, Be Set Free Fast, Meridian Balancing, Shock Release, Feelings Buried Alive, Belief System/Affirmation Programing, Energy Healing)

Structural (Respiratory Release, Muscle Balancing, Injury Recall)

Energetic (Reiki - Usui & Seichim; Quantum Touch; Alchemical Healing; Intuitive/Spiritual Healing; Bradford/Eden methods; Chakra, Meridian, Aura - Balance/Cleanse/Repair, Perelandra Flower Essences, Essential Oils)

Reiki Certification Classes        

I teach Reiki 1 & 2 certification classes. I teach the Usui method using both traditional and non-traditional means. Because I have studied many types of energy healing in addition to being an intuitive healer, I will include other energy exercises in my Reiki training as deemed appropriate.

Each class is completed in one day and includes manual, attunement, practice and a framable certificate. Reiki 1 = $125, Reiki 2 = $175.

What is Kinesiology?        

In the simplest of terms, kinesiology allows you to speak to the body. It is able to identify imbalances and what is needed as well as how much is needed to bring the body back into balance. Because kinesiology is a holistic approach to wellness, the focus of a session is to locate and address root imbalances by going beyond a band-aid approach for symptoms. Wholistic Kinesiology¨ uses the meridians of eastern medicine along with muscle testing. If electrical energy is not flowing properly to an organ, muscle, joint, body system or belief system, the imbalance can be detected through testing the nervous system. It may sound simplistic, but kinesiology is a very profound, valuable and accurate tool for wellness.

What are the Benefits of Energy Healing?        

As a form of natural therapy, energy work powerfully affects wellness on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Root blockages can be loosened and removed from the body's energy system allowing the body to start making lasting changes towards overall health and happiness. The benefits are numerous, but here are some highlights: • improves mood • decreases anxiety • relieves pain • speeds healing • enhances creativity • improves sleep • increases relaxation • increases energy and vitality • improves clarity and mental focus • balances body functions (ie. immunity, hormones) • improves self-esteem • releases emotional blockages • removes blocks to healing • opens one to manifestation.

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