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Geeta Swamidass



2010 N Tustin Ave # D
Orange, CA 92865
United States
T: 714-726-4753
F: 714-633-6239


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Birthing Care Center


I am a licensed midwife an have been practicing in the Southern California area. I have a medical degree from India but have chosen to practice midwifery instead because I believe that birth is a very natural process that most often does not require intervention but rather a very watchful eye. Having been trained in medicine I am very comfortable and calm should emergencies occur and I am very confident with suturing if needed. I limit my practice to two or three new patients a month so that I can be available to them and give them the best care.
I had my first two children at home and my third one at the hospital. I take great joy in being a part of the great miracle of a new life entering this world. I pray that each woman and her husband are blessed with my participation.I do water births if desired. Birth of a new life is a miracle and I would be priveleged to be a part of your miracle

Profile and Credentials        

I have been married for the past 31 years and have three grown children. I have a medical degree from India and a license in midwifery from California. I am nationally accredited also. I have run a ministry for women facing unplanned pregnancies for the last 20 years and have been featured in many articles and magazines. I do a lot of speaking in local churches and organisations on different topics.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that the birth of a baby is a very special event and that every child is very special . I think that the family should be allowed to have as natural a birth as posssible without needles and bright lights and loud noises. Whenever intervention is required I have no fear in referring my patients for care. I know my strenghts and am very comfortable in working as a team. I have great backups and referrals.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My work hours are flexible because my children are grown. I do prefer to see my patients during the daytime and I am able to see them on Saturdays too. Payment schedules can be worked out and a great incentive is to pay within 30 days and get a $500/- discount.





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