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Anna Baldwin

Anna Baldwin


Carrsville, VA 23315
United States
T: 757-304-9397


As a Lightworker, holistic healer and educator, animal communicator, fractal and psi artist, beadweaver, musician and grandmother, Anna's healing elements include a wide array of "tools" she's gained along the way. Her fractal art("consciously received" and revealed after sessions with her clients, to assist with the integration process) flows directly from the wellspring of the healing methods she has practiced for thirty years.

Profile and Credentials        

Anna has dedicated her gifts and talents towards a healing ministry. Sessions may include a wide synthesis of methods, including chakra balancing utilizing crystals, sound and color; energy attunement and revitalization; neuro-muscular harmonization through manipulation of the head and/or feet; sound and color healing; Access Bar work; angelic healing and channeled guidance; Soular Attunement; using magnets for pain management and removing static; phototherapy, providing electronic photo stimulation using pure red- frequency light; and/or a systhesis of these methods, developed over many years of consciously-received guidance and practice.

Credentials include:

Bioenergetics - Johrei (Church of Meisu Sama) - Boulder, Colorado

Body Electronics (Dr. John Ray) - Loveland, Colorado

Healing Minister - Universal Life Church, Modesto, California

Phototherapy (laser-light) training workshops - Sacramento, California

Access Energy Transformation - The Bridge to Oneness, Sacramento, California

Continuum Movement and Body Bliss - Gaia Lamb, Nevada City, California

Xolar Vibronics - Koginka K'Amaru Xue, Asheville, North Carolina (one year, non-certified)

Developed "Soular Attunement" - opening the gateways to blockages from the central nervous system, through the feet. This attunement facilitates grounding and sensitizing the foot chakras' so the client can be more in tune with the Earth.

Philosophy and Comments        

What's the definition of a miracle?

Restoring the Sense of Wonder!

Anna doesn't limit her work to dependence on modalities and philosophies. "The flow of energy is different person by person, moment by moment," she says. "I focus on what's surfaced in the present, as it is, and facilitate what the client's system is ready to release."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

By Appointment, phone or email sessions

Responsible donations requested





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