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Gypsy Gaia ~ Purple Sages & EarthKeepers



Silver Wolfe Den ~ 1123 West Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ 86305
United States
T: 928.717.8250
F: 928.717.8250


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N'Gaia Washíkita, White Wolf EarthKeeper


N'Gaia Silver Wolfe (aka Washíkita) is an EarthKeeper and Intuitive Counselor conducting classes, sessions and private tutoring in EarthKeeper Yoga and Guided Meditation, Energy Work & various other services such as Reiki Healing for plants and animals, Raindrop Therapy, and Channeled Readings. Weekly drum circles are held for the Gypsies of the Earth -- community drumming, yogadancing and chanting are conducted in the Prescott area and can be privately scheduled for groups.


~~~*Dancing from the Beli of Eve ~ Tools for Becoming an EarthKeeper and Purple Sage

~~~*Living with Fibromyalgia ~ Tools for Balance

~~~*Massage Therapy Workshops - (Specializing in Fibrositis Massage & Trigger Point Work)

~~~*Acu-Yoga for Bodyworkers

~~~*Stress/Energy/Time Management

~~~*C-R-I Programs (Learn to Cleanse, Replenish, & Improve Your Self)

~~~*Temple Talk about Blood Type Diet

~~~*Natural Nutrition for Me & My doG

(Learn of Nutritional Raw Foods for you and your Canine Child to share)

~~~Weekly & Monthly Newsletters available by subscription (written and published online by Ganai Silver Wolfe) ... submit your request at the top of this Home Page.


~~~LOCAL DRUM CIRCLES with YogaDancing and Chanting are held monthly at Full Moon during Spring and Summer seasons for the Prescott community (Heart Donations Accepted) -- Call for info and sign up today! Or... just click the events button for the current listings!

~~~Aromatherapy, Reiki Healing, and EarthKeeper Readings are scheduled by appointment only - all sessions are held at the Silver Wolfe Den ~ 1123 West Gurley Street in Prescott. Ask about the Raindrop Technique with Young Living Essential Oils to bring natural balance and alignment into your Holy Temple. Each Raindrop session is only $60.

Reiki is $60 per hour. Numerology and Earth Astrology combined reports are $33 each, with Intuitive Counseling at $33 per hour.

DANCE CLASSES: Tribal Dance Classes will start again this Spring with location to be announced ~ Call Silver Wolfe if interested in forming a class! Become an EarthKeeper & Purple Sage! Join our Wolfe Pack. Call for upcoming events or check Events feature on this page.

To receive announcements by email for upcoming Gypsy events, contact Silver Wolfe and join the Gypsies of the Earth group list.

Profile and Credentials        

N'Gaia Silver Wolfe, EK & IC, is a 1994 graduate of the Austin School of Massage Therapy. Formerly running a wholistic center in El Paso, Texas, she was registered as a licensed Massage Therapist by the Texas State Board of Health under license #MT010007. Her practice became known as the EarthKeeper Living Center and moved to the Dallas area for seven years before leaving Texas. Ganai now resides in Arizona as of November 1, 2002; and her work is conducted through Gypsy Gaia Enterprises in Prescott, Arizona. You may also find unique supplies and earth gifts at her Silver Wolfe Den--all crafts and jewelry are made by the Gypsies of the Earth! If you have hand-crafted earth gifts and would like to join the Earth Gypsies, let us know! If you have other skills to share with our Community, join the Purple Sage Network, which is also a powerful prayer circle worldwide. Just contact Silver Wolfe for details. Metaphysical gifts and supplies are also found at Mountain Spirit Co-Op where Silver Wolfe conducts readings on Wednesdays (10am-6pm). For info or to schedule a session, call 928.445.8545.

N'Gaia (previously known in Texas as MedicineWoman) has wandered parts of the West like a Gypsy, lecturing and conducting EarthKeeper Workshops. The philosophies of EarthKeepers & Purple Sages are based on the ways of Native American and other tribal cultures, with N'Gaia's basic teachings stemming from the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society. N'Gaia's combined ethnic backgrounds (Lebanese, Egyptian, and mixed Native Mexican), account for the unique way the EarthKeeper Yoga & Meditation classes are taught. A multi-cultural twist is offered in combination with the Hatha Yoga poses. Students learn to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky, creating balance and harmony in their lives. Her guided meditations are journeys based on the principles found in the Celestine Prophecy book series written by James Redfield, and based on the work of his wife, Salle Merrill Redfield. The Lifework of N'Gaia Silver Wolfe is to continue with her own healing work, teaching others inner healing by sharing her experiences, which in turn brings healing to our Earth Mother through the synergistic group efforts of all EarthKeepers. The Sacred Medicine Wheel is taught along with Golden Spiral Weave Dance and Medicine Songs. Monthly Circles are held to honor Sister Moon through drumming, singing and dancing. Sunset Drum Circles are held weekly to honor Grandfather Sun and all our relations. Golden Light Meditations are taught and RNA/DNA Activations with Golden Star Woman are scheduled for Light Workers who are ready to travel the Red Road. Prayers from the EarthKeepers are offered to Great Spirit at every ceremony by the Purple Sages and Dog Clan. Feel free to send your personal requests for the prayer list anytime by contacting Silver Wolfe at the Den.

The Purple Sages and Dog Clan are Lightworkers across the globe joining together to manifest healing and spiritual growth with the protection of the Golden Light in everything created through the Power of Intention (as in Dr. Wayne Dyer's recent book). Those Purple Sages in Northern Arizona meet each month in Prescott for the purpose of gathering, celebrating and preparing for the New Age. Our Purple Sage Network also comes together in a synergizing effort to create prosperity and abundance for one another through referrals and bartering. Currently various discussion groups gather each month to view the new movie THE SECRET. Contact N'Gaia if interested in joining this network of Lightworkers. Secret Gatherings are always taking place. Awanestica!

Philosophy and Comments        

Cleanse ~ Replenish ~ Improve...Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul ... Become an EarthKeeper and a Purple Sage. Aho!

~~~~~~~~EKLC MISSION STATEMENT: Our LifeWork is to Network, Make Whole, and Communicate with Connection to the God/Goddess in every Sentient Being, and ultimately with our Earth Mother.

An EarthKeeper is like the Wind sweeping away old fears and carrying new dreams at Springtime!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Currently all classes and workshops are conducted in Prescott, Arizona at the Mountain Spirit Co-Op, 107 N. Cortez, Suite 403 (inside Conscious Choices Studio) with Intuitive Readings scheduled on the 2nd floor in the metaphysical shop. Fees for humans vary between $33 and $60 per session. Most classes are $11 each. One-on-One private tutoring is $42 per hour. Reiki and Massage for animals and plants are done for Heart Donations. Chakra Readings with the Rock People, Tarot Readings with the Wolf Cards, Numerology and Earth Astrology Readings are all $33 per reading with an additional $33 for the combined report. CRQ's are Channeled Readings from Queen Giana of Lemuria and Middle Earth.

Referral Discounts, Gift Certificates, and Prepaid Package Discounts are available upon request through Gypsy Gaia.

~~~ Silver Wolfe Den ~ 1123 West Gurley Street - Prescott AZ 86305 ~ 928.717.8250

~~~to email N'Gaia: silverwolfe@cableone.net

Visit our other recommended websites... Find Prescott's local Arts & Entertainment events for all ages listed at http://gypsygaia.com/ ~ Find out what's happening in the skies at mooncircles.com ~ and don't forget to visit Hutch Haaqi (N'Gaia's spiritual guru) at his website www.cyclingpeace.org -- follow him on his worldwide pilgrimage for peace! His website includes daily notes and galleries of pics telling his ongoing story!

On December 1, 2005 Silver Wolfe formed Gypsy Gaia Enterprises, a production company that coordinates community events supporting those in our community who choose to be clean and sober. Gypsy Gaia also promotes local musicians and artists with the main focus on ALL AGES alcohol-free venues. Bookmark http://gypsygaia.com/ and watch us grow... enjoy the entertainment calendar of events, Wolfe Tracks News. Discover our awesome performing arts mix of culture right here in North Arizona! Just follow the tracks of Silver Wolfe...

To receive our free online newsletters, email or call Silver Wolfe with your request to receive Wolfe Tracks News (community calendar) OR White Violet News (spirit-based channeled messages). Easy sign up is available at the Newsletters feature at the top of this Home Page.

Also you will find the spiritual newsletter issues posted and archived in the Articles section on this web page. The calendar of events are posted at the Wolfe Tracks site for the Silver Wolfe Den, along with other community news for Prescott. Let us know if you have events to post on Wolfe Tracks! Please email your announcements to Silver Wolfe by Tuesday evenings for current weekend events or by the 14th for events coming up in the following month.

Become an EarthKeeper and a Purple Sage.        

Now is the time to discover your true self! Through dancing, drumming and chanting you will free your soul and all will be revealed! Find your lifepath... BE your SELF... come FLOW with the WOLF. It is only through love that one recognizes and embraces their own divinity! Join the EarthKeepers today!

'I Create as I Speak' ... (Zingaia Dancers of Twilight)

Mitakuye O'Yasin ~ We are all related!

Pilgrimage for Peace ... www.cyclingpeace.org        

Be sure to keep up to date on Hutch's whereabouts as he and his laptop notebook travel around the world on his bicycle on a pilgrimage for world peace! His journal is accessed along with a tremendous gallery of pics at the above listed website. Contact Hutch at either of the addresses below ... and tell him the Silver Wolfe sent you! He has many stories to tell...




Dancing Life with Passion.        

The Beli of Eve... this is where we are from. Earth Mother's womb is what Belly Dance is all about... ...all you need to do is BeliEvE... so dance from the Beli of Eve! Discover your Passion... and then LIVE it!

You will only achieve that which you BELIEVE!


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Don't forget to receive your own copy of the newest movie THE SECRET... go to http://thesecret.tv/ for a one-time viewing OR to purchase your own! Plan to join our Secret Gatherings in Prescott... call Silver Wolfe for the next date and location! Manifest the abundance into your life here and now. Find out about The Secret.

Another highly recommended online video for you to view (free) is the video entitled ‘Hope (Visions of Whitefeather)’ which can be found at:



Watch it and pass it along.

In Love & Silver Moonlight, it is I--N'Gaia Washíkita aka Ganai Silver Wolfe.

I have spoken! Mitakuye O'Yasin!


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