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1 - Elizabeth Francis G.ICGT, M.SWA

Elizabeth Francis


Coombe Cottage, Liskeard Road
Callington, PL17 7HJ
T: +44579384708

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Elizabeth Francis is one of the country's leading psychic medium intuitives. She has worked internationally in this field for over 15 years.

Renowned for providing a variety of reliable, informative, no-nonsense written and verbal psychic readings, distance healing readings and affirmations, Elizabeth also holds various residential workshops at her Cornish residence. Elizabeth also holds a free spiritual development evening every 1st Wednesday of the month between the hours of 7.00 and 9.00 pm.

In addition, Elizabeth is a qualified complementary health therapist, having gained qualifications in counselling, anatomy and physiology with the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists in 1997. In 2009, Elizabeth developed the Telestic Technique, which works with your non-emotional intuitive awareness and spiritual life force to assist in identifying the hidden answers that lie within.

She became a Consultant Member of Russell Grant's BAPS in 2003, and is also a member of the Spiritual Workers Association (M.SWA)

In 2011, her book "Gift - From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth" was published by Capall Bann, reviews of which can be read via her website.

From 5th June 2014 Elizabeth hosts her radio show "Gift With Elizabeth Francis" on A1R Psychic Radio every Thursday 11.30 PM US EST 4.30 AM UK time. Every month Elizabeth and guests will discuss a subject, details on the home page.

Phone & A Variety of Written Readings        

Receive reliable, informative, no-nonsense messages and guidance from your Angels and Loved Ones.

01579 384 708
Call the credit/debit card line
£27.00 for 20 minutes or £37.00 for 30 minutes
The client pays for the phone call.

0906 400 7443 (UK only)
Pay through your phone bill
£1.53 per minute (premium rate number, calls may cost more from a mobile, not available outside UK. 18+ with bill payers permission. Call recorded, Entertainment SP=www.InverOak.com)

Profile and Credentials        

Having been psychic since birth, Elizabeth uses her multi-skilled gifts as a lightworker to work within the realms of channelling, mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. As such, she is also a past and future lives seer, a shaman, a medium, a remote viewer, a tarot reader, and affirmation crafter and caster. By incorporating one or more of these abilities, Elizabeth provides you with an in-depth, informative and reliable reading.

Elizabeth has worked with Derek Acorah, and appeared on the Steve Nolan Show as well as the Spirit Trap - A Ghost Story documentary. More recently, Elizabeth was invited by Crusader Films to join a team of paranormal investigators producing a documentary about the hauntings in Pembroke Castle. She has also had articles published in several magazines, including Spiritual Lifestyles Magazine and the World Federation of Healers member's magazine.

Philosophy and Comments        

Elizabeth firmly believes that although we are all unique, we all have limitless psychic and healing gifts. We all have the potential to exceed any earth bound limits, as long as we have the confidence to accept that we have the ability to do so. Elizabeth has a simple code that she lives by which is based on the following belief systems:

'Anything Can Happen'
'All Things Are Possible'
'If Others Can Do, So Can You'

Combining this simple philosophy with her psychic ability has enabled Elizabeth to function in a limitless reality, which changes as and when she requires. From this standpoint, Elizabeth has been made aware that there are:

No mistakes
No failures
No one truth
No lies
No 'right way'
No 'wrong way'
Just the individual's way, which is right for them
No one is better at being themselves than themselves

In Elizabeth's own words: I have come to the understanding that life is nothing more than a continual process of balancing karma and going through learning curves. I believe that we have all freely chosen to take the path we are walking and therefore create the scenarios that enable us to learn and apply what we have learnt in order to balance our karma. As we walk our path, we learn what it is to be human and understand humanity. The more we understand about our humanity and inhumanity to each other, the more we need to connect to our Divine True Self; my workshops have been structured to assist people to do just that. Once connected, we can then become responsible for our own behaviour, and move from functioning within the emotion of fear - a state from which we all come - by learning to function within the emotion of Love. This is a process of self-empowerment. Once we are within our power and have learnt how to manage and maintain it, we can start to walk the path that enables us to create the reality of our desire, rather than that of our wants or needs. To my mind, this is the true purpose of our time on this planet.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Elizabeth works from 08:00 to 22:00 (UK time), seven days a week.

On her website, she has an Appointments Page, which shows when she is and is not available.

Her fees are listed below.

Written Readings        

For full details, please go to Elizabeth's website

£27.00 for 2.5 pages
£37.00 for 3.5 pages

Between 450 and 500 words

Between 600 and 650 words

From £8.99
General and Angelic Affirmations

Between 1000 and 1150 words

8 - 9 pages long

Book & Workshops        

Textbook for Elizabeth's workshops
£12.95 + P&P

“Gift – From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth” provides clear, detailed information and explanations that dispel many of the myths that surround established spiritual concepts. It shows how to decipher the spiritual codes that come in the forms of signs, symbols and dreams to reveal the messages contained therein. The purposes of correspondences are also explained, together with the role auguries and omens have to play in this process.

Gift also provides a step-by-step guide that helps you to acknowledge, identify and harness your unique psychic-self. Practical information is also given for those who wish to turn their spiritual wealth into financial wealth by becoming a professional psychic. If you think it is time to start or enrich your spiritual journey, then Gift is the book for you.

I was moved to write this book after being inspired by my clients, many of whom asked if I had written a book. Back then of course, the answer was “No, I haven’t”, but all that started to change in 2006 when I first put fingers to keyboard.

“Gift – From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth” can be purchased on Elizabeth's website, on Amazon, or at any major bookshop.

From £95.00. Residential fees B&B £30.00 per night. Lunch and evening meal extra

The two-day intensive workshops are held in the relaxed environment of Coombe Cottage, which is situated within the heart of the Tamar Valley. The workshops are designed to introduce you to your intuitive psychic abilities as well as to act as a refresher/advancement course for those of you who are already active within the field. The structure of the courses ensure that you will leave with an in-depth understanding of your own gifts, having identified and worked with your intuitive psychic abilities.

The workshops are designed to provide novices with examples of their own psychic abilities, whilst enabling experienced psychics and healers to push their own parameters to function in a limitless environment, so that they themselves are able to recognise and accept what they can change and what they cannot change.

The workshops are based on simple common sense, which is combined with the student's unique way of working.

You can book workshops on Elizabeth's website.

£235.00, residential fees include B&B at Coombe Cottage

This is an intensive self-development workshop for those who have come to a time in their lives where they feel they are at a crossroads and are not sure which direction they should take.

The workshop is structured to meet the individual needs of the client, with the aim of helping them help themselves to find clarity and purpose to their lives.

If you decide to come on this workshop you will work within a safe, non-judgmental and supporting environment, where you are able to meet, discover and learn how to embrace and therefore enjoy your Self.

At the end of the workshop you should have a clear vision of where you are at the present time in your life, having set personal goals that will enable you to move forward with confidence in the process of becoming the best of who you are.

1 - 2 - 1 can be adapted to focus on a couple's relationship, therefore the prices given for two people relate only to a couple attending the workshop.

For further details, go to the 1-2-1 Self-Help Workshop on Elizabeth's website.

Distance Healing Written Readings        

£60.50 (4 pages)
Available at Source Readings on Elizabeth's website.

As a Telestic Consultant, Elizabeth works with your non-emotional intuitive awareness and spiritual life force to assist in identifying the hidden answers that lie within.

The process of self-empowerment cannot begin until the true source of un-wellness has been revealed, which in turn cannot happen until the individual has learned to define themselves and their potential. In other words, without knowing who you really are, where you really wish to go or what you're actually doing, you cannot gain the benefits of being an independent, empowered individual.

With their roots solidly in metaphysics, Telestic techniques can answer the essential questions that mainstream sciences cannot:

"Why am I here?"
"What am I here for?"
"Who am I?"

With a Telestic Source Reading, Elizabeth can guide you in examining the being and knowing of your reality. This will involve looking at the relationship between thinking and action, boundaries and assertion, what is inherited and what is learned, and what is fact and what is fiction. In working with these contrasts, it is possible to uncover whatever may be blocking your wellness. This can help you gain control of your life, rather than your life being in control of you, and that will free you to evolve into who you are, allowing you to live a healthy and fully rewarding lifestyle.

A Source Reading is a remote four-dimensional etherical scan of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects, which can identify blockages and weaknesses in the Chakras, the Meridian Systems and the Aura.

Know who you are
Be who you are
Love who you are

£15.99 - £55.99
Available at Prana Re-Balancing Chart on Elizabeth's website.

The Prana Re-balancing Chart (PRC) is a very powerful, self-adjusting metaphysical tool that can correct imbalances within your electro-magnetic energy field and Chakra system.

The chart automatically draws in, releases and distributes the Divine universal energy known as Prana to both your Chakra system and electro-magnetic energy field (aura), leaving both systems balanced and cleansed. This process is regulated by your Higher-self.

There are five categories to choose from, each of which has four aspects. You can only choose one category at a time.

The chart is drawn up and programmed by you at the time of purchase, which means you are both the transmitter and the receiver of the Pranic energies, and my role is purely that of a facilitator who has provided this service. As a consequence, there can be no residual energy from a third party to impair the process.

The PRC cannot compromise any medication you may be taking or any therapy you may be receiving, so it will not be possible for you to experience any unpleasant reactions due to the PRC whilst the card is activated.

To purchase the PRC, or for further information, follow the link to Elizabeth's website.

£8.99 each or £32.00 for 5

Available at Affirmations, the Affirmations are user-friendly but very powerful tools that can assist a person to change their reality for the better. By ordering one of these affirmations, the purchaser is automatically pledging to "harm none". The affirmations do not override learning curves. If you are meant to go through something, you will, and nothing can stop that process. However, an affirmation will provide you with the spiritual support to endure the learning curve.

The Affirmations come with detailed instructions, the monthly moon phases and their significance, and a list of the Angels, Celtic Gods and Goddesses and Native American Spirit Guides along with a description of their functions. The Angelic Affirmations are used to raise the Angel or Arch Angel of your choice. Also included are a list of the sacred items needed.

To purchase your affirmation(s), simply go to the order form on Elizabeth's website, and follow the steps provided.

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