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Ellen Hitchcock

Ellen Hitchcock


PO Box 6606
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
United States
T: 865-230-5151
F: 865-622-6831

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...............................LIVE THE LIFE YOU'VE IMAGINED

Ellen is a personal life coach, spiritual mentor, mediator, psychotherapist,and author of Nature's Magical Moments. Ellen has years of experience working with individuals, couples,and families in making positive life-style changes.

"On our journey through life, we often face challenges that require we shift our thinking and behaviors so that we are empowered. As a personal life coach and mentor, my diverse experience can assist you in making meaningful and lasting self-transformations."

*Life Transition Coaching

*Creativity Coaching

*Professional Motivation and Advancement

*Spirituality Mentoring

*Relationship Coaching

*Generational Coaching: Caregiving (Aging Parents)

*Writing/Publishing Your Book

*Stress Management: Live a More Balanced Life

Ellen supports postive change and can support you in making creative changes in your personal and professional lives. Go to www.creativementor.net for more information on how Ellen coaches others for change.

Ellen's "Wisdom Whispers" lectures and workshops are designed to give participants practical tools for living more authentically and creatively. Wisdom Whispers programs encourage personal growth through study, play, and experiential learning. Tapping into your personal wisdom as well as the collective wisdom handed down to us creates a gateway for discovery and change. Go to www.creativementor.net to learn more about attending or bringing Ellen to your area.

Profile and Credentials        

Ellen Hitchcock, LCSW is a personal life coach/mentor, teacher, author, psychotherapist, and workshop/retreat facilitator. She is founder of the Center for Well-Being, which is committed to bringing various educational and spiritual programs to the community.

Ellen is a graduate of the University of Alabama. She has a private practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Personal Life Coach and Family Mediator. Recognizing the importance of balanced healing, Ellen is certified in the Usui System of Reiki Natural Healing.

Ellen has a Tennessee Supreme Court Listing as a Family Mediator and trained with the Institute for Life Training and Therapist University as a Mentor/Life Coach.

Ellen has studied extensively with award winning anthropologist, Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. on personal and professional workshop development,conflict resolution, and multi-cultural practices

Ellen is the author of Nature's Magical Moments: Reflections on Nature and Self.

Philosophy and Comments        

You are the "master artist" of your life

I am dedicated to the importance of personal and professional growth. I believe that everyone has the potential to "Be the Change they want to Be in the World." I know that change is possible. I sincerely want clients to live their dreams, and be successful by fully employing their gifts and talents in a balanced, authentic, and creative way.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hours are flexible.

Monday - Friday 9am to 8pm EST

Fees vary according to service rendered.

COACHING: Various negotiable plans, i.e., weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly plans are available so that your coaching needs are met. Coaching sessions are flexible so to meet your schedule.

*Via telecommunications: Long distance coaching by telephone, fax and e-mails allows for creative scheduling.

*Face-to-face coaching is available for those who prefer personal contact. Office, luch, dinner meetings can be scheduled.


*Long Distance via telephone, e-mail/fax.

*Spiritual Director/Chaplain at your retreat or event.

FAMILY MEDIATION: Please call for more information. Divorce, Family Estates, Domestic Issues, Parents/Adolescents

WORKSHOPS/RETREATS: Prices vary according to design and length of program. A list of lectures, workshops, and retreats are listed at www.creativementor.net. I would love to come to your group to present a workshop or lecture.


PSYCHOTHERAPY: Office hourse vary. Some insurances accepted

865-482-9252. Call for an appointment.

Nature's Magical Moments: Reflections on Nature and Self        

Developed from the author’s personal journals, this volume of “wisdom teachings” provides 52 weekly meditations based on observed interactions in nature, both in her neighborhood and in her travels. Her simple observations carry significant meaning and provide insight not only into one’s self, but also into one’s connection in the world.

Each of these brief meditations relates the observation psychologically and spiritually to common life experiences. Following each meditation are two reflective questions and an affirmation that serves as a foundation for the reader’s own inner work and journaling during the ensuing week. Thus, the book serves as the basis for a year-long personal journey of introspection, guided by the simple relationships in nature that surround us all.

For ordering information, go to www.creativementor.net

“I found the nature musings to be deep personal expressions of Hitchcock’s experiences and reflections; but at the same time, they were warmly familiar to me, the reader. As I read each one, I felt as if my thoughts were slowly merging with hers. Ellen’s writings will help others take notice of the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings that we all share but pay little attention to.”

—Les Hickok, Ph.d, Professor of Botany, The University of Tennessee.




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