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Gretchen Kindreck



Eclectic, AL 36024
United States
T: 334-541-2720




Gretchen Kindreck


Traditional Midwife providing health care for women for 22 years, including prenatal care, homebirth service, postpartum care. Prefer to use herbs and homeopathic remedies. Open to the possibility of helping train future midwives. Natural childbirth is a given. Love to work with doulas. Love waterbirths. Also a trained Paramedic, and volunteer with the local ambulance service. Focus on the nutrition, and indiviual responsibility for herself baby. Have faith and respect in birth process.

Profile and Credentials        

22 years experience. EMT-P. ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support). CPR certified.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that we, as healers, are obligated to help women reclaim their rightful place in the birthing arena. I believe that our bodies are perfectly capable of birthing our babies, and that the way a baby is brought into the world has a profound effect not just on that baby and their family, but on our world in general. I have total faith in the birthing process, and take joy in watching women come to the realization that they are powerful and seeing them emerge from their births stronger than when they began. I love to see families made stronger. My favorite births are the ones in which I keep my hands in my pockets! I believe that my calling came from God, and that I dare not ignore that calling, and feel so very blessed to be able to practice an art that is so very special, but that also provides so much joy.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My hours are very flexible. Obviously, I am on-call 24-7. Most prenatals are done in my home, but as each family's schedule is unique, ther are no set days. I occasionally do prenatals in the woman's home. I provide one home visit prior to the birth providing the lady lives less than 45 miles from my home. My fee is $2000, providing that fee is paid prior to the birth (or completed at the time of the birth). If not paid in full by that time, it is $2200. A deposit of $400 is required to "hold your spot" on my calender, and is required at the first prenatal. $800 is due by the 28th week of pregnancy, and the balance of $800 by 38 weeks, or at the birth. All of this is flexible, as long as the woman and/or partner talk to me, and we work something out. I also love to barter!





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