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LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine

Jan Engels-Smith


Gresham, OR 97080
United States
T: 503-669-3013


Shamanism, shamanic study, personal transformation, well being.

The LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism & Energy Medicine™ is dedicated to the cultivation of thriving, interlaced communities of well beings through the exploration and practice of shamanism and alternative energy medicine.

Founded in 1994 by healer and author Jan Engels-Smith, LightSong offers courses that blend core shamanism with contemporary principles of healing. These courses are designed to serve 21st Century shamans and seekers alike. Jan's philosophy is to assist individuals in gaining their own personal empowerment, which in turn promotes self-healing, better communities, and a healthier world.

The LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism & Energy Medicine™ (http://www.lightsong.net) is a culmination of decades of experience as a Shamanic Practitioner and Counselor and as a teacher.

Jan trained with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Sandra Ingerman, and with many individual shamans. She shares her skills and experience through individual healing sessions, courses and ceremonies that promote personal growth and spiritual healing. Using shamanism and skills such as journeying, focusing the mind, self discovery and spiritual practices, Jan has built not only a school, but a vibrant, active community of healers, seekers and well beings.

In addition to being a Shamanic Practitioner, Jan is also an Usui, Tibetan, and Karuna Reiki Master ®, a Reconnection Practitioner, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Chemical Dependency Specialist, a Marriage and Family Counselor and a Hypnotherapist.

Profile and Credentials        

Jan is the founder of LightSong Healing Center and The LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism & Energy Medicine™. Jan’s mission is to provide excellence in shamanic education and to support personal growth for well-being, adapting ancient healing techniques to contemporary life in the 21st century. Jan has developed the first shamanic energy medicine curriculum of its kind offering a full spectrum of courses that allows for those with curious interest in shamanism to those that would like to obtain a doctorate in shamanism (Sh.D.).

Philosophy and Comments        

Jan's personal philosophy is to assist individuals in gaining their own personal empowerment, which in turn promotes self-healing, better communities, and a healthier world. She believes that each soul is exquisite in nature, that it is radiant, brilliant and magnificent. Jan believes that discovering this innate truth about yourself is a major step in creating a balanced world. She believes that the world is a reflection of your own perception and when your perception of yourself changes, the world reflects that back to you.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call or email for individual healing appointment times and fees.

Check The LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism & Energy Medicine™ website (http://www.lightsong.net) for course schedules and fees.

LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism & Energy Medicine™        

LightSong offers courses for those with a casual interest in shamanism as well as those who desire to become shamanic practitioners. All courses are taught with the highest of integrity and by highly skilled practitioners.

The LightSong curriculum encourages a shamanic lifestyle through a philosophy of loving compassion and committed practice. Taken as a purposeful series, LightSong courses provide a cohesive set of training's full of experiences with time-honored healing techniques, potent initiations, and ceremonies. LightSong courses also provide those with a casual interest in shamanism or a desire to experience personal growth with an opportunity to explore their spirituality from a shamanic perspective.

For the serious practitioner, the school provides a curriculum that culminates in a certificate of course completion, as well as an array of courses for continuing education and growth. This curriculum develops a cadre of practitioners who have passed a vast array of initiations, received consistent, effective training, and have committed themselves to acting with the greatest integrity.

Some of the courses described here are intended to build on each other to provide a continuous sequence of training and initiations. Other courses stand on their own and can be taken at any time. Courses are relevant to all people who are committed to developing a strong spiritual practice or to healing themselves, their community, and the Earth. Along with the courses in the curriculum, LightSong provides many opportunities to build community. Some of these community-building events include annual ceremonies such as fire walking and Quest, monthly community sweat lodges, monthly Reiki circles, outdoor tracking opportunities, and drumming and singing circles. When you join LightSong, you not only join a school, but you become part of a loving community.

Book: Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart        

In her 2014 revised and expanded book, Becoming Yourself: The Journey From Head to Heart, author Jan Engels-Smith shows you how to incorporate the creative heart and soul powers into the process of Western rational thought of self-analysis. The results are a journey towards complete self-awareness - one that ultimately integrates the total self - mind, heart and soul.

While a number of books address the individual's need to connect with one's spiritual nature, Becoming Yourself shows how to connect to it and to use this energy to restore wholeness. Jan's book conveys spiritual lessons through personal accounts and offers proven healing methodologies and exercises based on her decades of experience as a science teacher, counselor-psychologist and shamanic practitioner. Jan seeks to intertwine physical, emotional and mental concepts and convey them with warmth and support. This creates a powerful, practical and comprehensive guide that enlightens and inspires readers on all levels of the spiritual quest for self.

The revised and expanded edition of Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart contains numerous new teachings and spiritual insights that have come through as “downloads” that the spirits share with Jan. The spirits were clear during the book’s revisions that basic truths must be revisited and that instead of writing a new book, Jan was to expand this material, building for the reader 21st century concepts that are applicable for extraordinary understanding of universal truths that create well being.

CD: Take Your Body With You        

A Shamanic Journey CD.

Shamanism is based on healing of self and others, mysticism, directing energy with intention, traveling into the worlds beyond the veils, invoking power, inviting our helping spirits into ordinary reality, understanding the transitions of life/death and using magic.

Journeying is the foundational tool for shamanic study and healing, and provides the passageway that has been used for centuries to obtain information from other dimensions, realms, and realities. Through the journeying process, you can connect with your power animals and spiritual teachers. Information, knowledge and wisdom becomes available to you, which you can utilize for solving problems, gaining clarity about life’s circumstances, or simply to build your awareness and understanding of the different worlds beyond. Journeying is a perfect way to learn what needs to unfold in your life, and then actively integrate this information to help you maximize your happiness and wholeness.

Journeying is typically taught by lying down, covering your eyes and listening to a drumming CD. This is a great way to journey; however, many indigenous shamans took their bodies with them. Shamans journeyed while dancing and singing using their body as a vehicle to contact spirit. This CD is unique in its ability to create an "active journey."

Jan has included a “calling to the spirits” sequence at the beginning. This is done through whistling and songs that invoke spirits to assist you during your journey process.

CD package: Awaken~Unburden~Create: Three pathways to wholeness        

Awaken-Unburden-Create is a guided meditation. Jan has taken sacred shamanic rituals that have been understood and used for centuries and makes them user friendly in today's contemporary world. The benefits, the healings and the results of these age-old healing rites are available to anyone willing to sit down and listen. These CD's are excellent. They are for shamanic or non-shamanic belief systems.

Travel into a world of radiance as Jan Engels-Smith guides you in a potent meditation of remembering your divine nature. These meditations are designed to help you shed burdens and remove energetic blocks. Behavioral patterns handed down to you through family systems are gently removed and dismembered. Begin with CD #1 The Brilliance of You and remember your radiance, brilliance, self-worth, and beauty. CD #2 Reclaiming Your Divine Essence--Jan deliberately facilitates the return of your own divine essence, a soul retrieval, calling yourself back home. With the command of words and energetic intention, parts of yourself that have been lost or stolen begin their journey home to you, the host. CD #3 Dreaming a New Dream - Jan helps you weave and construct a new image of yourself and the life you desire for yourself- your ideal.

The intention of these CD's is to allow the listener to become empowered in their personal self-care. The end result is a feeling of remarkable well-being, happiness, enthusiasm, motivation and joy.

Working with this mediation since 1994, Jan has used it with extraordinary results in her psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and shamanic practice. She offers this recording with the hopes that many people will practice these meditations and create for themselves outstanding results of healing and well-being.

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