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Joel Levitt



Brooklyn, NY 11235
United States
T: 212-479-7805
F: 509-691-1542




Prof. J.H. Levitt


Classes: Conquering Anxiety, Depression,
and Fatigue Without Drugs focusing on panic attacks,
sugar (hypoglycemia & diabetes) , allergy, nutrients, toxins (mercury,
lead, copper), infections(Candida yeast).

Profile and Credentials        

Prof. J.H. Levitt holds four degrees
from Columbia University and was a
member of the faculty of Pratt Institute
for over 40 years. He was the Chairman
of the Engineering in Medicine & Biology
Society (NYC/LI/North Jersey chapter,
part of the non-profit IEEE. He is the
director of the Anxiety & Hypoglycemia
Relief Institute.

Philosophy and Comments        

Anxiety (including free-floating and
phobic and panic attacks) is almost
always due to disturbed sugar metabolism,
especially low blood sugar as in reactive
hypoglycemia. Food allergy, nutritional
deficiencies, toxins & infections will
make the condition worse.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Admission to our 2-hour classes is $20 (door) or $15 (advance).
You may bring guests at $5 each; family
members always come free. No charge to
doctors, nurses, school-teachers.

FREE 7 page booklet by email        

Click on "contact member", request free anxiety/hypoglycemia booklet.




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