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Julia Alexander



10075 Hickory Ridge Rd
Harrisburg, NC 28075
United States
T: 704-455-9753


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Julia Alexander, RN BSN


Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Pre and Post operative Energy Balancing; Stress relief and management; Therapeutic Touch.
Home visits at clients request.

Profile and Credentials        

Registered Nurse with BSN from UNCC
Public Health Nurse specializing in Child Service Coordination and Teen Pregnancy Home Visiting
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner 3/99

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe in the integrety of the Human Energy System and the connectedness of all things. I do my best to approach my clients and my work from a heart centered perspective.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Generally weekend and evening hours are available for appointments. I will do home visits within 20-30 mile radius, charging $40/hour plus milage.





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