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Acupuncture and Herbs by Karen Vaughan, L.Ac in Park Slope and Manhattan.

Karen Vaughan


118 East 37th Street, New York, NY 10016
Brooklyn, NY 11215
T: (718) 622-6755
F: (718) 622-6755

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Karen Vaughan is a New York State licensed acupuncturist and an herbalist trained in both western and Chinese herbal medicine. She has the advanced designation of Registered Herbalist from the American Herbalists Guild and is the only RH in New York City. Her MS degree is in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York. This degree offers four years of training in acupuncture and herbal medicine, grounded in both the Chinese classics and in western medicine. She has had post graduate training in Chinese gynecology, dermatology, tui na (Chinese physical therapy) and addiction treatment.

Her special areas of treatment are Infertility,Autoimmune Diseases, Diabetes and Dermatology, but she does general Chinese Medicine as well.

She does Herbal Consultations, Acupuncture, Acu-aromatherapy and Raindrops Technique essential oil treatments.

She works on both a physical and spiritual basis, well grounded in science but not limited to the concrete.

Call (718) 622-6755 for an appointment in Manhattan and Park Slope, Brooklyn or email her with inquiries at KSVaughan2@aol.com

Profile and Credentials        

Karen Vaughan received a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. This degree covers both acupuncture and herbs and is a four year Masters degree certified by the States of New York and California.

She has been trained in Addiction Acupuncture at Lincoln Hospital, has worked in the acupuncture clinic for the Fortune Society, and interned at the Hospital for Joint Diseases. She studied meridian analysis acupuncture in Beijing, China.

Karen spent nearly 20 years doing booth Chinese and western/planetary herbal healing, studying with herbalists like Michael Tierra, Amanda McQuade, David Hoffman, Susun Weed, Rosemary Gladstar and Ryan Drumm. She has a certificate in Green Medicine from the Open Center and Advanced Herbal Studies with noted Cherokee herbalist David Winston from the David Winston School of Herbal Healing.

In addition She has been trained as an Emergency Medical Technician (inactive), works with emergency workers doing Critical Incident Stress Management, is certified as a Reiki Master,and Sechim and Karuna master. She studied clinical aromatherapy with Michael Scholes, Debby Freund and Jeffrey Yuen and is certified in aromatherapy using therapeutic quality essential oils.

She has additional postgraduate training in Dermatology with Mazin Al Khafaji, Tuina with Frank Butler and Tom Bisio, Acupuncture with Essential Oils with Jeffery Yuen, Auricular Acupuncture with Li Chun Huang, Critical Incident Stress Management with REMSCO and does a full schedule of continuing education units in western medicine through MedScape. She is a faculty member at the David Winston School of Herbal Studies and the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in the Acupuncture Department.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that the manipulation of qi with needles, guasha, cups, essential oils and herbs can help reset the body's own ability to heal.

My purpose is to heal people with plants and needles, to heal the breach between Mankind and Creation by strengthening our interdependence.

I stress nutrition over medicine, movement over being moved and the transfer of energy in grounded bodywork. I assist you in recovering your own balance through the modalities I practice.

I teach courses in herbal self care and holistic healing.

I seek to educate my patients to take healthcare into their own hands and to use their own abilities to heal.

I have successfully treated patients suffering with such conditions as sciatica, vulvodynia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, infertility, depression, back pain, asthma, respiratory illnesses, smoking, Morton's neuroma, Lyme disease, acne, psoraisis, stroke, cancer, hiccoughing of several days standing, earaches, Lupus, fibromyalgia and many other conditions. Using their Chinese medicine diagnosis, in combination with diet, their western medicine if appropriate, herbs and various acupuncture techniques they have found significant relief.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hours can be booked in both Manhattan and Park Slope, Bensonhurst or Boro Park,Brooklyn.
Generally Monday - Friday from 10:00 to 6:00, by appointment. Saturday hours may be available. Treatments generally take 45 minutes after the initial consultation.......................

Normally $150 first visit for 1 1/2 hours or $175 for 2 hours, $90 followup.
Introductory Special: Initial session 10% off (1 1/2 hour) visitors in Brooklyn only if you mention this special.
Other services:
Ear Treatment to Stop Smoking $350 for a group treatment that meets up to six times in three weeks using the NADA drug detox protocal.
Hot stone acupoint massage $100
Acu-aromatherapy combining essential oils and acupuncture $100
Luxurious Raindrops treatment with back application of 7 essential oils to oxygenate the spine $150
Acupuncture Facelift series $750 for 12 treatments within 7 weeks
Herbal only constitutional formula $150 including formulation time. Subsequent herbal only consultations, after initial consultation $ 90
Pediatric initial consult $150

Formerly known as "Creation's Garden Acupuncture and Herbs."

Testimonials and Other Interests        

"I cannot thank you enough!!! Please know that I have shared this with as many women as I can and I will continue to share with anyone who will listen. You have changed my life, thank you." .

A.W. with resolved breast lumps.

"You've been a lifesaver. I couldn't keep walking to work without your work on my knee. And your herbs took the shingles pain away." .

D. F., age 92.

"After my wife's stroke her tongue went sideways and she couldn't speak. Karen's treatment straightened her tongue, lifted her mouth and eyes and stopped her drooling. Now she talks. I wish we had come sooner." .

R.M. .

"You were the best acupuncturist I've ever come across. If there would be any way for me to convince you to stick needles in me again I would be very happy!".

S. H..


On December 13, 2006 I went down to New Orleans where I worked for CRREW (Community Rebuilding and Relief through Education and Wellness) doing relief acupuncture for Katrina survivors and rescue workers. I worked at Common Ground, Covenant House, the Fire Department with and other groups. I have been working with CRREW, doing auricular acupuncture and related modalities for 9/11 survivors and rescue workers for the last six years. We have branched out and are running workshops on the NADA ear acupuncture trauma protocol for blind acupuncturists in Vietnam and Cambodia and are setting up treatment for the Brooklyn Haitian community and rescue workers helping the island.

I enjoy walking in Prospect Park, spending time with my sons, participating in herbal web forums, wildcrafting herbs, growing a herbal teaching garden at Old First Reformed Church in Brooklyn, leading herb walks in New York City, working as a docent at The Bodies exhibition and "herbalizing" Wikipedia.

I also walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in October.

Check My Articles and Galleries, and Watch these Videos        

My main website is www.acupuncturebrooklyn.com

You can see descriptions of several acupuncture techniques and see pictures of common herbs in my galleries. A new gallery on the New Orleans trip has been added. (See buttons above)

Read articles which discuss topics such as Acu-aromatherapy, diabetes, feeding breastfeeding moms, acid foods and fermentation, cinnamon, male sexual health and good health resources found on the web and in your library. Click on the "articles" on the top center of this page

A Typical Acupuncture Treatment

This piece by CBS News on acupuncture and chemotherapy shows that acupuncture can not only prevent side effects such as hot flashes but can also improve energy.

Watch CBS Videos Online

And if you want to see a reason why you should consider natural treatments, go to this link (and note that the sources of the statistics and quotes are from reputable conventional sources!)www.TheHealthMovie.com

There was a great BBC special on acupuncture that shows open heart surgery under acupuncture anesthesia. MRIs showed the areas of the brain lighting up when acupuncture needles are stimulated for pain relief. It is gone now but there is a good piece on how acupuncture can reduce seizures and pain And check out Part 2 on the YouTube sidebar

Fox just put up a good piece on acupuncture and pain at Acupuncture For Pain

Although I keep a substantial raw herb and tincture pharmacy, I often send patients to have perscriptions filled at Chinatown's Kamwo pharmacy. This video from Asia's New Tang Dynasty TV shows how Chinese herbs help headaches and is filmed at Kamwo. I custom design formulas for you using these herbs and others for different patterns of headaches. Chinese herbs for headaches

Links for a Better World        

I have a number of health-related links in the Articles section and the blog, under Resources. Check out the new articles on New Orleans and Nature Taking Back the City. Click the button on the top center section of this page.

For finding acupuncturists in your area if you are not in mine, go to TCM Directory

Here are some of my favorite volunteer opportunities to make the world a better place:

The Heifer Project
which gives breeding stock to poor families around the world if they agree to pass on one of the young animals to another family

The Global Alternative Healthcare Project (GAHP) which provides healthcare for people in undeveloped areas of the world using Oriental medicine.


Women for Women International
to sponsor a woman in microbusiness education.

CRREW Community Rebuilding and Relief through Education and Wellness.
Offers free auricular acupuncture to relief workers and persons hurt by 9/11 and Katrina. And Serving those who Served, which provides herbal respiratory support for rescue workers and others.

The Fortune Society,
helping ex-offenders reintegrate and gain skills

Acupuncturists without Borders.
which works in disaster scenarios

Volunteer abroad with Globalvision

And stop mountain top removal mining which destroys the habitat of our native herbs with iLoveMountains.org.

And here is recipe to help you survive the flu season:        

This is a variation of the Recipe of the Four Thieves who plundered the houses of people killed by the Black Plague during the Middle Ages. At first the authorities did not pursue them, feeling that they soon would be dead from contagion. When the four thieve's continued to survive, interest changed from their crimes to their ability to not get ill. When finally arrested they exchanged the recipe for their lives.

My version exchanges some unavailable or toxic herbs for those readily available and will kill germs and strengthen your immune system. It can be taken internally, used to kill germs externally, and can be used preventatively or to help knock out viruses or bacterial infections. Take it by the tablespoon in water or use on salads or preventatively in cooking.

Use 1/4 cup of the following herbs:

Lavender , Sage, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Peppermint and 2 TBSP Chile Peppers, 8 minced cloves garlic and a one ounce tincture bottle of Artemesia annua. Blend ingredients in a glass jar and cover completely with apple cider vinegar. Cold infuse (let sit at room temperature in a cool place) for four weeks and then strain.

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