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Kathryn Moravec



Frankfort, MI United States
T: (231) 352-5429




Dr. Kathryn Moravec Rn


I facilitate experiential workshops to assist others in finding their inner light. Topics cover; Self awarness, Discover your true self, Learn how to achieve harmony in all of your relationships, Transforming Stress into positive energy, Reiki, energy healing and other uses. I also provide spiritual/Grief/Relationship counseling, Teaching, Energy healing, Healthcare coordination, weddings. My book 'Life's Little Lessons A guide book To Get You Through' is a compact guide on life and is available through this website. I also have a new workbook that will assist you in completing the self-work.

Profile and Credentials        

I am an Ordained Minister with my Doctorate degree in Divinity, an RN, Author, Reiki Master, Spiritual/Grief/Relationship Counselor, Workshop Facilitator and Public Speaker.

Philosophy and Comments        

Many individuals seek to find inner peace, meaningful direction and unconditional love but have no knowledge of where to begin. Many do not choose to embrace religion, or the 'new age' yet desire to progress on a path that is suitable for them. It is my belief that all paths have the same fundamental foundation which includes unconditional love, harmlessness, non-judgment, compassion and responsibility.
It is my vision that all who seek to enhance their life will have simple to use tools available that are generic enough that any individual may use them and incorporate the principals into their life as they see fit. Therefore I have created my ministry 'Living Balance' and will offer my services to those in need. It is further recognized that each individual will be responsible for 'their own self- work' to gain a better understaning of their life lessons. Individual growth and or accomplishment will be recognized by their own self-evaluation of their progress.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I charge $60/hour for one hour Counseling or readings, reduced fees are available. I am able to do readings and counseling via the telephone or through e-mail. Workshop/retreat fees vary. I am flexible as to reading/counseling times. For more information please e-mail me A: inspirit@betsievalley.net My book 'Life's Little Lessons A Guide Book To Get You Through' is $15.95; tax is charged for Michigan residents only.





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