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Renee Anker, L.M.



Woodside, CA 95009
United States
T: 650-851-6833




King's Mountain Midwifery Services


I am a licensed midwife in the State of California doing home births with my partner Tenaya Jackman, CPM. We cover South San Francisco to Palo Alto/ Pacifica to Pecscadero/ Castro Valley to Fremont. We provide full prenatal care, attendance at your birth and postpartum follow-up. All visits are conducted in your home. Those interested in waterbirths or VBACs are welcome.

Profile and Credentials        

I became interested in midwifery after the birth of my first child in 1990 and pursued my labor support certification and attended the births of friends over the next two years--eventually building my knowledge by providing labor support for women at a midwife-staffed clinic in Berkeley. After this, I apprenticed in a home birth practice for 3 1/2 years while continuing my academic studies--finally spending a month in a free-standing birth center in Texas to help round out my experience. I received my midwifery license in January 2000. I have attended approximately 200 births with about 120 of these being home births. I live in King's Mountain with my husband and three children.

Philosophy and Comments        

Every birth is different and we respect that--so we do not have a set way we work. We are there to make sure that you and your baby are safe and that your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum are proceeding normally. You, however, are in charge of your experience. For example, some women may want their midwife to come in early labor and offer lots of hands-on support while others may want a more intimate setting with the midwives presence waiting until later in labor. We come when you want us to, and we are as involved as you want us to be.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our fee for full care pregnancy through postpartum is $3,200. Upon signing up a $500. deposit is required. The fee must be paid in full by 36 weeks of your pregnancy. If your insurance company covers midwifery services--then it will cover a home birth (with the exception of an HMO since we are not part of any HMO group).





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