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MaryJoy Fratianne M.Ed., BCC

MaryJoy Fratianne


Asheville, North Carolina 28803
United States
T: 828-505-0176


I offer Reiki Healing Touch/Theta Healing/Matrix Energetics, spiritual support/coaching, and DNA energy work. I offer healing to animals and humans. For those interested, I offer a 30 minute free healing session. In the experience of my clients, Reiki/Theta Healing/ Matrix Energetics reduces pain, removes trapped emotions, and speeds healing of tissues (spine, joints, tendons,etc.). It boosts the immune system, produces a profound state of relaxation/stress reduction, and evokes the body's self-healing power, reducing inflammation and toxins in addition to balancing/charging the body's energy field. Spiritual support/coaching can be a healing opportunity to release pain and to seek inner strength. The energy work that I do with DNA, uses intention, guided imagery and prayer. More on each of these sevices is below.

Also listed at The Directory of Reiki Practitioners http://www.nlp-reiki.ca/ A resource list of Reiki trainers, educators, health professionals, therapists and counsellors.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a Reiki Master and a Board Certified hospital chaplain.

Bachelor Degree..............Cornell University

Master of Education Degree in Spiritual Studies ................John Carroll University

I also have received training in Clinical Pastoral Education, Reiki, Theta Healing and DNA energy work, as well as training in Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett. I am indebted to Dr.Bradley Nelson for his Emotion Code work and Dr.Adam McLoud for his dramatice healing work. I have worked with these healing modalities since 1996.

For the three years prior to my February, 2007 move to Asheville, North Carolina, I was in private practice in Reiki at the Avon Lake Wellness Center in Avon Lake, Ohio (west of Cleveland).

Philosophy and Comments        

We all face daunting challenges at various passages of our lives. At these times, our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being are at risk. Our bodies are constantly affected by emotional and environmental toxins capable of mutating genes and adversely affecting our tissues, our bioenergetic field surrounding our body, and our spirits. My intention with each client is to work with them in ways comfortable to them, to facilitate their growing health, well-being and joy, a joy that I am often privileged to share with them. To read some of my clients' comments, click on "VIEW ARTICLES" at the top left of this page, and then click on "Some Client Testimonials" as the description page appears.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call 828-505-0176 or contact me through this page in order to schedule an appointment for a

Reiki/Theta Healing/Matrix Energetics session

session of spiritual support/coaching

DNA healing session

There are sale packages, introductory offers, gift certificates and senior discounts, so that fees will not prevent access to these services. Clients pay for the session length that they can comfortable afford.

See "SPECIALS OFFERS" at the top left of this page.

Reiki Healing Touch /Theta Healing/Matrix Energetics        

The transfer of universal life force energy is facilitated by the Reiki practitioner during the session as the hands are placed lightly on the fully clothed client seeking wellness/healing. Reiki/Theta Healing/Matrix Energetics is a healing touch which, in addition to producing a profound state of relaxation, reduces pain and inflammation/toxins, speeds healing, releases trapped emotions, enhances immune functioning and evokes the recipient's own self-healing power. The energy works to optimize health and wellness on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, as needed by the client. Some recipients report experiencing a profound sense of unconditional love. Clients preparing for or recovering from surgery, or suffering bursitis, asthma, lung issues/ congestion, joint pain, back pain, headaches, tennis elbow and other tissue injury, carpal tunnel pain, low blood count, as well as clients dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, anger and other challenges have found relief and a sense of energy and well-being after experiencing Reiki/Theta Healing/Matrix Energetics.

Spiritual Support / Coaching        

Those who are experiencing...

* a serious health issue for oneself or a loved one

* a call to full-time care-giving

* a painful grief in regard to deep loss or frustration

* a difficult life choice or transition

* a divorce, change in relationship, or forgiveness issue

* a call from within to risk growth personally / spiritually

will find that they benefit from spiritual support. An intentional encounter with a loving listener can be a healing opportunity to release pain and find inner strength and hope.

Energy Work to Change Energy Patterns Affecting DNA        

Through the use of intention, visualization, guided meditation, and prayer, as well as material developed by Margaret Ruby and Vianna Stibal, I assist clients in identifying and replacing limiting beliefs that can impact DNA, leading to unwanted symptoms/behaviors. Using the intention of the heart we focus on love, joy and abundance to enable the client to manifest all that the person is and desires.


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