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Geralyn St Joseph - Voice of Spirit Gabriel's Trumpet Enterprises

Geralyn St Joseph


Philadelphia, PA to Kailua, HI
Philadelphia, PA 19148
United States
T: 808 261-7866


I am Geralyn St. Joseph, a psychic intuitive who helps people reconnect with Spirit. All the services I offer are geared toward helping you achieve a greater awareness of your place in the world and your effect upon it. Services include Spiritual guidance, couples guidance, psychic readings, negative statement release, motivational speaking and instruction for better communication in all relationships.

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Profile and Credentials        

Hawaii healers are some of the best in the world. Some attribute that to the powerful energy of the Hawaiian islands.

I, Geralyn St. Joseph, am a clairvoyant, intuitive reader utilizing a variety of divination tools. I enjoy helping others through my spiritual gifts.

I combine my metaphysical talents with my education to offer different spiritual guidance services; ranging from couple's guidance to business consulting. I have a BA in Communications with concentrations in Law and Psychology.

I have been reading for others since age 11, and have offered my services professionally since 1994. My client base spans the mainland from my hometown of Philadelphia, PA to Los Angeles, CA. I offer my readings and guidance by phone and in-person; and my classes by Internet for my long distance or time challenged clients.

I am a highly effective motivational speaker, delivering talks on various subjects. Seminars and Classes include: Intuitive Tarot, Completing the Circle - Path to Self Empowerment, Power of Gemstones, Living from the Heart Series and more!

Philosophy and Comments        

Selecting the right psychic is much like choosing a doctor. You need to find someone who is good at what they do, empathetic, caring and professional. Ultimately it comes down to your own personal preference. You need to feel comfortable with and have some confidence in whoever you choose.

Just as each doctor has a different bedside manner, each psychic practitioner has a different style. Not only that, the variety of modalities seems endless. There are so many ways to open your Intuition and receive the information that I would need to write a book to simply scratch the surface. However, there are a few basic queues to look for regardless of your preference.

In all professions you will find a wide range of people; those that simply do it for the money, the charlatans, the honest, the ethical and the professional, among others. So what should you look for? What should clue you in that the person you’re dealing with isn’t totally above board?

Observe the practitioner when they are doing a reading. Do they really listen? Do they seem sincere? Are they more concerned with the time limit and the money than they are with your welfare? Will they simply leave you crying when your time is up, or do they guide you back to a better place?

The question is what kind of state they leave you in. Are they being comforting? If you come across a painful experience, can they help you through it? Having someone see who you really are behind your everyday façade can be a very moving experience. There are times when you will walk away from a reading with tears in your eyes. A good cry is a healthy outlet for your emotions. It can be very cleansing.

Also, you need to remember that we all relate to information through our own filters; our past, our environment, our beliefs, etc. This is a natural human trait. Be aware of that when having a reading. For example, when I was pregnant with my daughter I had several readings; more for advice on my relationship with her father than anything else. A psychic actually suggested I have an abortion, seeing my relationship as basically over. She was so afraid of single motherhood that she could not even conceive of it. She was sincere and trying to be helpful, but that was not good advice for me.

The only way to discover some of these things is to experience them. But, referrals can help. What kinds of things are said about the person? No one is going to be universally adored, so don’t write someone off because you hear of one bad experience. We all have bad days; maybe that was one of them. Or the person giving their opinion may not have liked what they were told because it was not what they wanted to hear. I could tell you stories…

There are definite things that should raise red flags for you. You need to be wary of psychics who speak in absolutes. Anyone who claims 100% accuracy is a liar. Scientific studies have shown that even the best of us have 78% to 85% accuracy. A normal person usually rates a 30%.

Be careful of practitioners who throw the word evil around. It is a very powerful word and most of us do not use it lightly. Everyone’s heard stories about the kind of psychic who sees evil around you that must be removed, or you will be in great peril and your situation will only worsen. These practitioners will require that you pay them copious amounts of money to remove it. They will usually have you come back for several sessions.

Another variation on this is the psychic who tries to ride your coattails to success. I once had to deal with a psychic who would insert herself into your reading if she saw any kind of success for you.

What is sad about this type of fraud is that I have found many of these types to actually be accurate and gifted psychics. I don’t understand the greed and lust for power which accompanies this type of behavior.

Basically, THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. Even Jesus said [Matthew 7:15] “Be on your guard against false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but underneath are wolves on the prowl. You will know them by their deeds.”

How do you feel after a reading? Was it uplifting and helpful, or did it foster fear?

Very little of what happens to you is unavoidable. You need to take responsibility for your own future. Our purpose is to give you an idea of the landscape; you need to decide how you will navigate it. Blessings.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Want to talk to Hawaii Psychic Geralyn St. Joseph?

I am available for private psychic readings, group psychic readings, mystical parties, business consultations and corporate events: as a psychic reader or a motivational speaker.

My services are available in person, by phone 808 261-7866 & over the Internet at Geralyn@VoiceofSpirit.com (Initial psychic readings must be done in person or over the phone.)

I am currently in the Philadelphia area.

General Pricing Structure

Intuitive Readings $320.00/hour - $175 1/2 hr - $90 15 min.

Guidance Sessions $230.00/hour, minimum three sessions

Business Consulting $350.00/hour, motivational speaking & interpersonal communication

Corporate Events 1. Seminars $350.00/hour

2. Readings $350.00/1st hour

$315.00/hour thereafter

Minimum of two hours Plus expenses

Please remember the time difference, I am currently on the East coast in the greater Philadelphia area.

Contact me for more information or to schedule now at Geralyn@VoiceofSpirit.com or 808 261-7866. Unless there is an emergency, please schedule appointments one to two weeks in advance. Mahalo!

Go to ecouponshawaii.com for special coupon offers.

Spiritual Guidance in Psychic Readings        

The information I impart to you comes from many sources, including your own guides, my guides, and Spirit. Spirit is the universal force known as the Holy Spirit. I am clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and can act as a medium.

In a psychic reading you are given the information you most need to know. This isn’t always what you think you need to know. I generally begin my readings with a general reading and allow you to ask questions that are more specific after Spirit has a say. The information that comes through me in a psychic reading is often about your life path and the relationships that surround you and effect you.

I cannot promise to tell you what you want to hear, but I promise to tell you what your guides need you to know.

Entertainment or Motivational Speaker for Corporate Events        

Make your corporate event exciting and effective with a motivational [can be interactive] talk. Let me know what topic you would like.


Give your employees the option of a psychic reading or signature analysis. Call me to discuss your options.

Business Consulting        

I have been in management in many different types of companies and I find that one thing is consistent throughout – people. When you’re working with people you need to be aware of not only skill sets when building a team, but personalities. Conflict within the ranks at any level makes a business less productive. Learn techniques to minimize this conflict and make your business more efficient. Create an atmosphere where your people are motivated to achieve their best.

Seminars &Metaphysical Classes Offered by Geralyn St. Joseph        

The Whole Self

Become whole again by clearing and strengthening your chakkra system.

Completing the Circle – Path to Self Empowerment

These classes teach you how to tap into your inner strength & connect with the Source.

Heart Empowerment

Open your heart chakra and learn to heal the wounds that prevent you from truly experiencing intimate love.

Attracting Love

Learn how to attract the love you long for. Must be taken after Completing the Circle, Whole Self or Heart Repair.

Heart Maintenance

How to keep your love flowing regardless of your situation.

Empowerimg Your Feminine to Awaken His Masculine

Bring out your feminine nature to awaken his masculine being and bring romance back into your life – with or without a partner.

Power of Gemstones – Utilizing the Magic of Gemstones for Everyday Living

The uses of the most common gemstones in jewelry & some of the mythology around them.

Meditation – Drawing in the Light

For beginners or practiced students, drawing in the Light helps one in a number of ways including; protection, cleansing and gaining energy.

Psychic Self Defense

How to clear and protect yourself from negativity.

Esoteric Tarot – Unlocking Your Own Inner Wisdom

A unique method of discovering the Tarot. Extended courses available for those who wish to become professional Tarot readers.

Memories of Egypt – Rediscover the Wisdom

An interactive talk to reveal the true wisdom of the ancients & their society.

Less-Pain Childbirth – It doesn’t have to be such a Labor

Methods of finding comfort during natural childbirth.

The Reality of Ghosts and Other Non-physical Life Forms

True stories of ghosts and their nature. Information on other types of entities and "disturbances".

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