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Sharon Hyde


I am a Professional Doula or Childbirth Labor Assistant.I was certified through DONA. I assist in a midwifery practice as a doula. I'm a student of midwifery with AAMI(Ancient Art of Midwifery Institute). I have four children: the first three were hospital births and the fourth was a planned and wonderfully, blessed homebirth with a traditional midwife! I provide encouragement and comfort measures to the laboring woman in a variety of ways.

Profile and Credentials        

Since the mid 1990's, I have assisted women during their pregnancies and labors in both hospital and home situations, whether normal vaginal or VBAC birth. I have been trained to assist in various situations. I encourage women to be proactive in caring for their bodies and unborn babies by practicing good nutrition and educating themselves about pregnancy and birth. I can provide the necessary resources for this to take place. My current aspiration is to become a certified monitrice thru BOCES. My husband and I are Natural Family Planning (NFP) teachers. Visit www.ccli.org for more information.

Philosophy and Comments        

I desire to educate women about the normalcy and naturalness of pregnancy, labor and birth. Education has the ability to dispel the belief that natural, unmedicated birth is mysterious and unobtainable. Equipping the Woman with knowledge of the process of birth gives her a sense of control. The studies of Kitzinger and Simkin have indicated the more a Woman feels in control of her own body, the more satisfied she is with her birth, which leads to an increase sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. I feel it is my job to "empower" a woman to make informed choices and to believe in herself to achieve the birth she desires and deserves.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My standard fee is based on distance from my house and if the birth goes over 24 hours. My fee starts at $350.00. My nonrefundable deposit is $75.00. Balance of agreed upon fee is to be paid by 36th week of pregnancy. It is my goal to provide continuous support to the laboring mother, but in the event that labor goes over 24 hrs., I reserve the right to call my back-up doula to relieve me for a time of rest.


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