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Sona Mincoff


Guelph, ON N1H3B1
T: (519) 993 2464


Sona is a Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master and a Sound Healer. She works toward helping you to restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony in your life by combining the haunting vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls with the powerful frequencies of Reiki, crystals and other worldly vibrations.She also offers advanced level of Integrated Energy Therapy

Profile and Credentials        

Sona works intuitively with information she receives from the clients energy field and higher self and works with spirit guides for a unique to the individual healing session.

Usui/ Tibetan Reiki Master

Karuna Reiki Master

Sound Healer

Intergated Energy Therapist

Visionary Artist

Philosophy and Comments        

Everyone has their innate wisdom to heal. What Reiki and sound healing does is to help the individual to access this so that healing can take place.

Sound healing with quartz crystal singing bowls reaches deep into the cellular level. Every cell,every part of one's body has it's own resonant frequency. When this vibrates out of frequency, illness occurs. The sounds of the singing bowls helps to entrain the body to regain is healthy resonant frequency.

I was personally moved to obtain these bowls from my own healing experiences with them. They can be purchased from one of my teachers at:


Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sound healing session(use of quartz crystal bowls, and tuning forks.........$60ca

Reiki with sound healing......$60ca

Integrated Energy Therapy session..............$60 ca

*Distance healing is also available free of charge*





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