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Ann Calderon



Bothell, WA 98041
United States
T: 425-830-1082






Ann is a psychic medium who hears (clairaudient) and sees (clairvoyant) pictures that symbolize messages she receives and passed it on to you from the other side. She is also a spiritual chanel. Providing you with personal and universal information, and assistance given by the Universal energy. During session, she will be in a trance to allow her guides (named Emerlinda) to give you information you ask.

Profile and Credentials        

Raised in the Philippine island, Ann, also a third generation healer, grew up where spirituality is fully embraced and practiced everyday in her family. She conducts regular group sessions and scheduled lectures.

Philosophy and Comments        

"Between here and the other side, the difference of it all, is only an illusion away.............. .....Have faith and open you heart for the possibilities" Emerlinda 02012005

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Personal sessions by scheduled appointments only. Appointments available with 15 minute increments at $100/hr: Fridays 1-8pm, Saturdays 9-5pm PST Please state between chanelled or medium reading when making appointments VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX and Debit cards accepted. No checks accepted.





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