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Suzanna Biro

Suzanna Biro


,New Paltz, NY 12561
New Paltzl, NY 12561
United States
T: 845-834-2263

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My work emerges as I allow my visual fantasies and stories to come alive. I seek to honor all things in this world around me and to become a part of it all. The stories seem to tell themselves with many archetypical and ancient images. Skulls and bones used in my sculptures are all found in the woods. By making them a major part of each piece I experience the natural world of life and death and the essence of CONTINUANCE.

My ceremonial neckpieces are designed with unique and rare ancient, antique and vintage beads and fetishes from all over the world, especially Africa, the Middle East, China and Tibet.

Adornment of men and women in ancient ritual and ceremony mirror my own concepts of honoring the body with ornamentation.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been making art for over 35 years.Formerly of NYC I have lived in the mountains of NC for almost 25 years until 2/20013. I have now returned to New York and have settled in New Paltz. My work is in private collections throughout the US and Europe. I exhibited in the most prestigious juried art shows in the country and received various awards over the years. I now work from my home studio in the mid-Hudson Valley of NYS. I studied art in NYC, Colombia, SA, and Greece. My tribe is Hungarian in this life and universal in other lives. SEE A REVIEW OF MY SCULPTURES IN MY ARTICLES.

UPDATE- 5/10/2013: NEW ETSY SHOP--http://www.etsy.com/shop/NecklacesByBiro
Order my handmade necklaces directly via Paypal.

Philosophy and Comments        

I experience wonder and joy in all my tasks - whether in the garden or making stuff. It is this joy that gives my life substance. It is unshakable. Please see a review of my work in ARTICLES.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am always available to show my work.My sculptures range from $l50 to $l,300 and the larger pieces have to have special boxes made so there would be shipping and handling added. Local purchases within 30 mi. of Asheville will be hand delivered at no additional cost. Please contact artist directly for cost of shipping and handling sculptures.


This sculpture uses a small animal skull, feathers, wrapped fabric, shells, small fabric sculpture, beads, acrylic paint. $550. 2ft 4 in. h x 1 ft. 1 in. w. Please contact artist for cost of shipping and handling. See Review of sculptures in my ARTICLES.

Ceremonial neckpiece        

Chinese yellow carved tourquoise with antique African amber beads and unique ancient African glass elbow beads. $225


Deer skull, bones, African Fabric, wool, seed pods, beads: 2 FT. 8 1/2 IN. H X 1 FT. 4 1/2 IN. W. $700. Please contact artist for cost of shipping and handling. See Review of my sculptures in my ARTICLES.

ceremonial neckpiece        

Ancient clay beads and glass beads from Hebron and Africa and East Indian glass beads. $225

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