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Suzanne La Varra



Crystal Lake, IL 60012
United States
T: 815-557-6937




Eye of the Soul


Intuitive Healings that integrate mind, body, spirit and heart for better balance. Reiki-ssage is a transforming system of healing that blends the best of bodywork, energy work and spiritual healing to create a pure integration of therapies. Energy healing brings with it a multi-universal approach that will balance chakras, releases blockages and contributes to healing on a cellular level while soothing the body and mind to instill peace and relaxation. This can be accomplished while staying fully clothed.
Intuitive healing sessions also done by phone to re-balance bodies energy and emotion state.

Profile and Credentials        

Reiki-ssage therapy (certified), Energy healings, CranioSacral therapy, Sacred Space therapy, Reiki-reflexology therapy (certified), Phone consultations all done on a Intuitive Spiritual Base.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have the ability to incorporate all of my healthcare training on an individual to better their physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Phone and private sessions are available. Sessions from 30-60 minutes.





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