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Skip Lackey



114 Midland Avenue
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028
United States
T: 866-860-0900
F: 973-453-8306


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The Journey


The Journey Intensive

"Heal Your Life and Set Yourself Free"

with Skip Lackey, Senior North American Trainer

Check www.thejourney.com for uncoming weekend seminar dates

The Journey author Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a football-sized tumor. Six weeks later, she had healed completely--no drugs, no surgery! Top Journey Practitioner Skip Lackey will lead participants through the innovative healing process that Brandon discovered and documented in her international bestseller, The Journey, A Practical Guide to Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free. You'll learn how the process releases disease-causing patterns at the cellular level, freeing the body to heal longstanding physical and emotional issues naturally.

Skip will take you into the core of your emotions and show you how to access the place of peace and freedom deep within you. He'll explain how to uncover the emotions that lie underneath surface emotions and how to resolve the issues behind them. This is a simple, yet amazing, process that leads to the discovery of your own limitless healing potential.

www.thejourney.com email: USAinfo@thejourney.com Contact: 866-860-0900

Profile and Credentials        

Skip Lackey is the Senior Accredited Practitioner of The Journey process for North America. He has been a personal friend of Brandon's for over 19 years and helped her through her original healing journey. He has lectured throughout the U.S. and Canada and has been a guest on numerous radio adn TV shows. Before establishing himself as one of the world’s leading teachers of The Journey, Skip spent over 20 years in the entertainment business, working as a director, actor and producer for film, stage and television.

Skip has been studying mind-body healing for more than 25 years. He has studied numerous healing modalities, becoming Certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) and training in-depth in NAC (Neuro-Associative Conditioning).

“Skip Lackey has the charm of a movie star and the heart of a swami. I tried to plant my doubts on him, but they just wouldn’t stick. Skip’s application of history’s wisdom held me in my seat.”
Jason Love - Syndicated Journalist and Journey Grad

“Skip teaches The Journey with a huge and inspiring heart. So much healing…so much wholeness”
Joanna Kennedy - Journey Accredited Practitioner

Philosophy and Comments        


"Brandon Bays is a remarkable soul, and her story of healing and reconciliation are a testament to the capabilities of human beings. Read this book and be inspired to take your own journey of healing!"

Tony Robbins - Author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

"Brandon's inspiring story is proof of the healing power that exists within every individual."

John Gray, Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"Brandon takes her reader on a journey of astounding inspiration."

Dr. Deepak Chopra, Author of Grow Younger Live Longer - 10 Steps to Reverse Aging.

"The Journey will inspire millions, not only those with physical challenges in their lives but those seeking spiritual understanding."

Dr. Candace Pert, Ph.D. at Georgetown University School of Medicine, Author of Molecules of Emotion

"My heart felt healed, whole. I felt as if I'd been washed from the inside out, as if someone had just wiped me clean. I wanted to dance, sing, and celebrate. I felt finally free..."

Suzy Greaves, Journalist, The London Sunday Times

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

2 full weekend days

$Fee: $295 to $350

More About the Intensive Seminar        

Whether your challenge is a life-threatening illness, an addiction, depression, fear, anger, grief, arthritis, anxiety, or low self-esteem, the possibility exists for you to become healed.

Through gentle, process-oriented work, The Journey helps us to uncover old cellular memories and emotional wounds that limit our real potential and to resolve and clear them out completely. You leave feeling refreshed and in touch with the joyous essence of your own soul, and ready to carry on your own healing journey.

What's in the seminar:

* How to uncover old cell memories and limiting patterns and resolve and clear them completely, letting the body and being begin its healing process.

* How you can clear out long-standing emotional blocks which may have held you back for years or turned into physical ones, stored as "phantom memories" in our bodies and lead to illness.

* How you can find true clarity - open into the profound wisdom and potential inside and receive your Soul's deepest answers to your deepest questions.

* How to experience a Journey directly into your Soul - into the vast boundless presence of love in the core of your being.




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