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258 Dupont Street
Toronto, ONT M6P1A4
T: 416-536-8841


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Wholistic Pathways Colonics


Wholistic Pathways COLONICS - The inner path to more vibrant Health. Our focus is based on detoxification, using nutrition herbs and colon hydrotherapy. Colonics remove waste from the colon aids in digestion and restores vitality and energy to the body, giving the body overall wellbeing. Call today. (416) 536-8841

Profile and Credentials        

"Goes above and beyond basic service"

"She has a caring attude towards everyone and makes you feel welcome and comfortable at all times."

"personalised service that far surpasses other Toronto practitioners"

"Offers unique blend of alternative healing with training in traditional medicine"

Above are few of the remarks Ruby's clients offer to describe her colon hydrotherapy practice. Ruby is a professional healthcare worker with over fifteen years experience in alternative healing. She has a nursing background and is also a certified holistic nutritionist and trained specialist in colon hydrotherapy. Ruby also encourages her clients to cleanse and detoxify their bodies to gain a feeling of wellbeing.

Reaching and maintaining optimum health is a significant challenge in today's environment. Ruby's goal as a holistic practitioner is to educate and support her clients on their path to total body health and (wellbeing). She will help guide you to vibrant health through regular colonics, eating organic whole foods, daily exercise and lots of laughter.

Philosophy and Comments        

Colinics remove waste, stimulate colon muscle walls, help the process of digestion while restoring vitality and engery to the body. Together, Nutrition, Herbs and Colon hydrotherapy aid in detoxification and releasing waste products, while preventing toxin build up, giving the body a feeling of relief and overall well being.

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