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Ana Franklin

Ana Franklin


321 Poyntz Ave. Suite A
Manhattan, KS 66502
United States
T: 785-341-9908

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At Heart Space Studio,ONLINE, you are invited to try a Yoga class on Tuesdays or Saturdays. Beginners are always welcome in any class. See the schedule section for more information.

Profile and Credentials        

Hi, I'm Ana. I began teaching Yoga in 1984. I have studied under many great teachers in India, New Mexico, Hawaii and Minnesota. In 2006, I became certified as a teacher/mentor by the Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation, www.khyf.net in Chennai, India.

I have long studied natural and herbal healing including the Indian Science of Ayurveda and am a Certified Natural Health Consultant.

Since 1998 I've studied and practiced Yoga Sutras and Vedic Chant, and continue to learn about and practice these ancient systems.

Philosophy and Comments        

Health is more than the absence of disease. When we are truly healthy we are loving, kind, joyful and full of vibrant energy. The Practice of Yoga, while enhancing our vitality, also helps us to be more aware of our unconscious habits of body and mind. With this awareness of ourselves it becomes much easier to make the changes we desire in all areas of our lives.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hello Yoga Friends: Ongoing Tuesday and Saturday Yoga classes are happening through the end of March, and I will post new classes for Spring/Summer asap. Call me for personal ONLINE appointments OR private groups - call early so we can arrange times. Thank you. For Fall classes: Please register in advance by calling Ana at 785-539-8763 U.F.M. Community Learning. Questions? email me at the gmail address below yogaconnection@gmail.com ************************************************************************************ TUESDAY CLASS: ONLINE (ZOOM)GENTLE YOGA 5:30 to 6:45 p.m. currently in session. New session starts on March 2, 2021 During Summer 2019, You may contact me for a private lesson by appointment for one to 5 people. ******************************************************************************** *********************************************************************************** PRIVATE CLASSES BY APPOINTMENT WITH ANA: Call for appt. 785-341-9908 ******************************************************************************** ON CAMPUS AT KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY, optional non-credit spaces available through The Dance Department. Mon. & Wed. 9:20 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. ONLINE at Kansas State U.- meets twice-a-week. Mondays and Wednesdays on ONLINE, College students, Get college Credit for yoga class! Call 785-539-8763, or go to www.tryufm.org and find out about Ana's classes for KSU Credit on campus, some non credit spaces in these classes. REGISTRATION TERMS (please read before registering): Please register ahead, as classes may fill up. Call U.F.M. at 785-539-8763, or register online at www.tryufm.com. ALL CLASSES TAUGHT ONLINE WITH ZOOM PRIVATE ONLINE LESSONS available BY APPOINTMENT

Private lessons (group or single) REVIEW YOUR EXPERIENCE AT HEART SPACE YOGA HERE:
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New Classes at Heart Space Yoga        

This is the space for announcing upcoming workshops for those who want to go more deeply into their yoga study. Please also 'like' Heart Space Yoga on Face Book to get messages about upcoming classes and workshops.
WORKSHOP: CREATING YOGA w/ Ana Franklin, Dates not available now.

FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION BY APPOINTMENT: You are welcome to talk to me about what you need or want from Yoga. I can give you an idea of your options with private classes or group classes and which may be more suitable. Ana

To Register in a scheduled class, call U.F.M. at 785-539-8763 or go to www.tryufm.org.
If you would like to make a gift of yoga classes certificates are available in any amount. Also, you can order a gift certificate by mailing a check for the number of classes (see fee schedule at the top of the page)to: Ana Franklin,
Heart Space Yoga
321 Poyntz Avenue Suite A
Manhattan, KS 66505
Please make your check to Heart Space, or Ana Franklin, and be sure to indicate the name of the person you are giving the certificate to. A gift certificate will be mailed to you or to the person you wish to receive it. Another alternative is to hold the certificate here at the studio and simply have the receiver come to the studio. Or if you are at the Studio, you may buy it here. The studio cannot accept credit cards, only check or cash.

Student and Military discounts are available. If there is any reason that you cannot afford the rates listed here, please speak to Ana in person to see whether you can receive a cost of living discount.

Vedic Chant        

Chanting is one of the most transformative and nonsectarian spiritual practices, especially since it almost immediately takes us out of our heads and beyond the mind, into realms of sound, joy and calm.
For those interested in learning to chant the Vedas, private lessons are available to groups or individuals. I have been studying and practicing Vedic Chant for over fifteen years. The classical teaching of Vedic Chant is rigorous and requires full concentration. I find this practice to be very uplifting. It is strengthening and clarifying for the body, mind and spirit.
Questions? Email to Ana at yogaconnection@gmail.com

Private Lessons-ONLINE        

There are certain times when private instruction could be more useful than attending a class with many others. If you have not studied with Ana, and if you are a beginning yoga student, you are advised to take a private lesson before beginning classes. If you have special considerations or would prefer not to be in a group class, a series of private lessons can be arranged. In fact, the tradition in Yoga is for each student to be taught privately so that the student can be observed and given individual attention by the teacher. The practice of yoga is very personal, and will naturally not be the same for any two people as we are individually unique. So, even for those who do not have health concerns or special considerations, I recommend that you can go further in your yoga practice with private lessons either instead of, or in addition to group classes. Email me to talk about the structure and rewards of learning privately. yogaconnection@gmail.com

Live Video classes        

Occasionally, I'll be presenting a Live Video Class, including Vedic chant, asanas and pranayamas- sometimes I will be chanting and teaching Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. If you want to see the live video, Go to Heart Space Yoga Online on Face Book. "Like" the page and message me, so I'll know you were there! Thanks! Namaste!

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