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Liz Franklin



3302 W. 74th Terrace
Prairie Village, KS 66208-3241
United States
T: 913-526-6986


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Yoga In Chairs


Yoga In Chairs works for seniors and people with physical limitations. This gentle form of Hatha Yoga makes yoga accessible to anyone who can sit in a chair. Spinal alignment, proper breathing techniques, flexibility, balance and total relaxation are included in every class. Day and evening group classes, private instruction, audio and video classes and teacher training available.

Profile and Credentials        

Liz Franklin has been practicing Hatha Yoga for over a decade. Her teacher told her it was time to "fly on her own" and allowed Liz to substitute teach her class to gain teaching experience. She has been teaching for over five years. The Yoga in Chairs program has been her main focus for three years. Traditional gentle Hatha Yoga classes also taught.

Philosophy and Comments        

Liz believes that anyone can benefit from yoga and makes her classes fit the participants, not the other way around. Yoga is more than just another form of physical excercise for Liz, it is a way of life. Students are encouraged to proceed at their own pace. Liz truly subscribes to the quote "we all have good days and better days". She will work with you to make more of your days "better days". Her motto is "You can do this!"

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Day and evening group classes available. Private instruction is also available on a limited basis. Fees range from $8 per class to $50 per hour for private instruction. Flat fee classes and demonstration programs are available for groups and retirement communities. Perfect for your next group retreat.





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