Perceptions of a Life Fully Lived

Inner Cleavage

Discovering the beauty within when you feel it's all you have left! December 12th 2004 -
I read an article back in March 2005 that had the words of the title of this article in it. I picked it up at the Cancer Center at Beaumont Hospital, in Detroit Michigan. It was a heartfelt story of a woman who had lost her breasts to Breast Cancer. The story went on to talk about Melissa Etheridge and of her deliberate boldness at the 2005 Grammy's, when she came out with a bald head, after her cancer treatments, as if proudly displaying it as her "gift" of life. The story went on to talk about women who in desperation for survival had in some ways traded their beauty for life.

I related to the story, being a breast cancer survivor myself. But, what truly touched me about that article was the woman in the story talking about how when her outer beauty had faded away, and during treatments, she was "left with spirit, raw and powerful and hanging on with claws, daring her to live."

What a concept. Have you ever been dared to live? Tim McGraw has an old song titled "Live like you were dying," about a man, who seemingly is given a certain number of years or months to live due to some type of fatal disease. In the song when asked what he was to do about this news, he replied with, "skydiving," "mountain climbing," and a wish to all of his friends to one day know what it feels like to "live like you were dying."

I remember what it felt like going through my cancer treatments. I remember the ugliness of my body and the forced humbleness of a deep seeded pride. I recall wondering if I would live through it, the pain, the blisters and stress. Looking back, I realize, I "lived" every day. I lived more then each day then I sometimes do now. Why is it that we have to be faced with something tragic to appreciate LIFE? What is it in our human-ess that makes us forget the grace and mercy of God and the power of prayer until we are brought to our knees at a crucial point in our life and MADE to remember? Funny, how God sometimes has a way of reminding us of the fragility of life. I believe He does this just so that we DO remember.

I recently was reminded again last week when another lump was found after almost two years of "survival." I'm a prayerful, faithful woman, but I found myself even MORE prayerful. I found more time to enjoy my days, to kiss my kids and tell my husband I loved him. I also found a lot more time for God. Hmmm, makes me wonder why. But isn't life funny that way? We move along forgetting that our time is short, our days are numbered, our fate is destined and we truly have no idea when Gods hand will reach down and pluck us from our busy, appointment filled, carpooling, grocery shopping, house cleaning, business building days. These precious days that we can't seem to find time to get on our knees and give thanks because we don't have the time. Why, because our lives are just too full. Too full. I want you to remember that last statement. Life IS full. Praise God our lives are filled! Live every single day of it!

We have one month, one day a year to get our families together to gather in praise and thanksgiving. A National Holiday will do that for most of us. But how about not waiting for that Thanksgiving Holiday or that crucial moment of unknown fate.

When you find yourself on your knees at times like these, stay there. We could all stand to kneel a little longer. My hope is that this year we remember Gods graces and appreciate our lives and everything in them because God is good! Something as simple as feeling your pulse each morning is proof of that. Keep on remembering. While you're at it, remember those full days when your inbox is so full that you can barely find time to breathe? Those are the days to be grateful for. Those are the days to get on your knees in praise because when your "in-box" is empty, you're dead.
By the way that lump in my breast? Nothing but a small cyst. Cancer Free another day! Praise the heavens for this and every day. I intend to fully live ALL of mine. How about you?

Melissa Ann Privett
Posted on: 2006-11-10 18:16:45. Comments

Shine Unlike Everyone Else!

This Holiday season is a time of expectation and preparation. It expresses our yearning for the coming of the birth of Christ through Jesus, an event symbolic of spiritual newbirth in each of us. We must prepare physically, intellectually and spiritually for this new coming.

Christmas and other traditional customs appear everywhere today. True symbols that they are, the living traditions of the season bring families together and connect us one with the other.

In a world where nature and our environment are threatened, let us make our Christmas tree and manger scene reminders of the beauty and sacredness of nature.

Let the Child and Joseph and Mary teach us the dignity and importance of children and families in a society so neglectful of them.

Between traffic jams and parking lot crunches, scribbling holiday notes and decking our halls, we must find that time to share what is truly real in this holy season.

Yet this busiest time of year as it calls us to draw close to others, above all we must draw closer to God. When we are filled with affirmations of God then the miracles we seek our born. This is a season of "joyful expectation" let us remember that joy is an inside job and allow that light within to shine its brightest now and throughout the coming year.

"Before those people lived in darkness, but now they have seen a great light. They lived in a dark land, but a light has shined on them. Isaiah 9:2

Melissa Ann Privett
Posted on: 2006-11-10 18:12:37. Comments

Live in Peace!

I literally cannot remember a day in my life when life was completely peace-filled. Can anyone say that they can? A day when you had nothing on your mind except peaceful thoughts, nothing that came from your mouth except peaceful words and all your actions were peace-filled? Of course I always had justification for my less than peaceful days. I had too much to do and not enough to do it with. Not enough money, not enough time, not enough help...simply not enough. When and what is enough? Can you imagine waking up in the morning and just feeling your pulse and having THAT be enough?

Why do we have to have so much more to expereince the peace that Jesus died and bought for us with his own blood? Jesus said "I have died so that you might live life more abundantly." Hmmm, should'nt His have been the last journey to peace and wholeness in our lives? Why do we keep making more useless journeys to keep us in bondage and less than peaceful? Not only in our own lives, but nationally, throughout the entire global community, we simply cannot find peace. When WILL peace prevail on earth?

I just came home from a wonderful trip to visit my brother in California. He and his wife have 8 foster children and if anyone has a reason to not feel peace in their lives, it's those young souls and the things that they have had to endure. But it is amazing the attitudes that they have. They are so immeasurably thankful for the life that they have now, and each other, that peace just exudes from their pores. You can stand in their presence and feel the peace of God flowing through them. I loved to be with them and now know the meaning of being filled with peace. I would honestly be ashamed to feel any other way. Especially today, as I write this on September 11th and think of the pain that so many are feeling on this day.

Today, I wake up each morning and give thanks for my life and keep in mind the horror that some children in this world go through and think how I used to sit back and complain about my messy house or my unpaid bills or the fact that I haven't gotten my "newsletter" out yet:-)) What the heck is the matter with us?? Wake up to a new day and rejoice! It's our birthright to experience peace within and to share it with the world. Why not start today?

This month is filled with peace....Peace Poles, Peace Pinwheels, Peace Vigils. September 21st is the International day of Peace and you might consider continuing it throughout the entire month. Wake up with peace on your mind and in your hearts and see how far you can be carried through the day. I bet you'll be surprised how good it feels to just LIVE peace. It's an amazing feeling. Try it....even for just one day, on the 21st, and then keep trying it everyday thereafter and watch the miracles that happen in your relationships, your career, your health and every area of your life. I have, and I can tell you that my life has turned around in more ways than I can even explain. The love of Christ and the light of Christ lives within me....I need nothing more. Peace be with you all.

Melissa Ann Privett

Posted on: 2006-11-10 18:11:38. Comments

What's it all about?

Today when I opened my e-mail and read about the sudden death of Dana Reeves, Christopher Reeves wife, my heart fell, I got a lump in my throat and I could feel tears filling my eyes. How much more does that family have to endure? Their 13 year old son is certainly a tough soul who's path has been filled with one of the hardest things ever, to first watch your father die for many years and than suddenly to lose the only thing you have left, your mother. He said she was his "rock" yet she said in her final interview that when she went into his room to tell him of her lung cancer, he became her rock. She wondered how much can one little soul take in a lifetime?

I'm sure we have all wondered just that same thing. How much more, much more until I can see the light again? We've all heard the saying that God will only give you what he thinks you can handle, well in my case and I'm sure some of yours, he thinks we're pretty tough cookies! But the truth remains that light will always follow the darkness and it also holds true that without darkness there can be no light. Whatever God brings you to, he will bring you through. I often think of times like what the Reeves family is going through and what some of you and I have gone through as well, is just a repetition of what Jesus endured. Of course, not on such a horrendous scale, yet somewhat the same as we all suffer our own crucifixions.

When i find myself in a place where I feel there is no hope, or I get slapped with something that floors me, (like when I was diagnosed with breast cancer) i believe that's when my life is in a crucifixion mode. Then follows the three days. Now the three days may be three minutes, three hours, three months, three years! There is no order to how long we must suffer, yet if we believe that the Resurrection is sure to follow, we can try to find a different or better perspective on our situation so that the three days don't feel so crucifying. When that young man took his mothers hand after she told him of the traumatic news, he chose to carry his burden lightly so as to lighten hers. Who knows how he will carry the rest of his days, but we can only pray that he see something, that perhaps no one else can see, that will help him to realize his life is worth living and he is blessed beyond measure.

What's it all about? I wonder. I suppose we just have to have faith. Jesus said 35 times while performing his healing's in the bible "your faith has healed you." Faith. Faith in ALL things, all situations, all people. We've all had our tough times and lived to see another day even when we didn't want to. Sometimes the pain seems so difficult that you feel as though you can never make it through another day, yet the darkness fades and the light shines through each and every morning without our help and without our consent. "Take me Lord, take me!" Some of us have cried. The pain being too unbearable. But God knows what you can handle and he has faith in your endurance. Have faith in Him. If you had just the smallest amount of faith in Him as he has in you, you would never worry another day in your life. Live today as if you have never lived before and whether you are in the crucifixion or the three days, be comforted that the resurrection is right around the corner!

Melissa Ann Privett

Posted on: 2006-11-10 18:10:54. Comments

Come Alive!

Have you ever listened to or read a book by someone who really inspired you? perhpas you were inspired by a family member or your pastor or a teacher in school? We should all have someone to empower us, invoke us, see the best of who we are, and make us like it!

It's a wonderful feeling when you can find something in your life that makes you feel that way. It's even more amazing when you yourself can make that magic happen and learn to love yourself, feel worthy of, for the truth of who and what you are right here and right now. Forget the "old patterns" and the things that "they" said when we were growing up. We have learned to give ourselves that which no one else could give to us.

It's nice to have enlightened and empowered people to encourage us, who doesn't love that? But peace, joy, health and well-being can only be found inside us. They exist within us now, waiting to be discovered. Yet we tend to look to the outside world to satisfy our needs and longings. The outer world is all effect. Go to the source inside for all of life's treasures. Go to the one who knows.

It's time to see miracles in our own lives, to be resurrected from the littleness of our former selves. through God, these things are possible. These miracles are available and they are necessary. We are living in a world of emotional upset. If we are not upset with ourselves at what we didn't do right, (again!) we are blaming the person standing next to us.

*But I'm telling you that it does not matter what someone said when you were a child; you know now that you're smart enough and attractive enough. It doesn't matter what happened "before"; rise up NOW and start over. It doesn't matter what they did to you; forgiveness has washed you clean.

This year we will give birth to our better selves. Those who rise to the heights of their potential will not be the exception; they will be the RULE!

I love the analogy of Crucifixion and Resurrection. Besides the truth of these, Jesus died and shed his blood so that we could be free....think of this metaphorically; We all are in one mode or another at any given point in our lives. The Crucifixion could represent that painful time. The drama, the suffering. We've all been there. The resurrection is when light starts showing its face. The light is brought to the dark places, day follows night, peace follows pain.

But, what about the three days? We always have those 3-days in between. Damn those days! Here's the secret though ~Your 3-days can be three months, three years, or three minutes. It's all a matter of perception. It's up to you. How long will you allow YOUR 3-days to keep you from your highest potential?

Let us rise today from our Crucifixion mode to resurrect. A new world awaits all of us - as our minds are healed by love. Let us come alive today!

Melissa Ann Privett

Posted on: 2006-11-10 18:09:28. Comments

Have the Life of Your Dreams!

How would you like to have your every hearts desire? How about the career of your dreams? Would you like to be able to create only the experiences that appeal to you and manifest that which you have always longed for and receive it all by just “wanting” it? I have great news, you can!

What are your first thoughts when you awaken in the morning? Are you rested, filled with gratitude for the new day? Are you grateful for the warmth and the comfort of the bed you shared throughout the evening, happy to be alive and looking forward to jumping out of bed? Or are you grumpy, achy, regretting getting up, already thinking about work and how much you have to do and dreading every moment of it?

Want to know a secret? Whichever scenario you chose will be your days experience. The modern world is just discovering how powerful our thoughts are in contributing to the creation of our reality. Thoughts are very powerful tools and you can use them to attain every treasure your heart beholds, or to create every negative experience you can “think of.”

Do you realize that every single thing on this planet began with a thought before its manifestation? We think about building a home, even create a blueprint, before it actually manifests into a real building. We think about preparing dinner before we actually sit down to eat the dinner we’ve prepared. God even pondered each new day, thoughtfully, before it came into creation.

The Bible tells us, ..…”be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Doesn’t it also say that, …”as a man thinketh, so is he?” What are you creating for yourself?

The Law of Attraction is a very powerful Universal energy that has no prejudice. Whatever you focus on the most it will give to you, no questions asked. Are you focusing on lack, limitation, self-doubt, or poor health? I’m certain the Universe is accommodating your every thought. If you truly want to change your life and have your deepest dreams and desires manifest, than you must change your thoughts.

Focus on what you DO want! State clearly your intention and destination. For example, if you have health challenges, stop focusing on them. Don’t wake up every morning affirming how much your back or neck or whatever is hurting. An affirmation such as “I don’t want to be sick and in pain anymore” does not state clearly what you DO want. Instead of using an affirmation to tell the Universe what you are “sick of”, say something like this; “I am open and receptive to vibrant health that is my true state of being NOW!” Or simply, “Health is happening.” Remember the Universe is listening….what are you telling it? Below are a few tips on re-training your thoughts to consciously create your day’s experiences.

Are you willing to have a great life? Be willing to experiment with these new tools and techniques and watch how the Universal Law of Attraction will fulfill your every desire.

Your “new” typical day:
© Before getting out of bed, check to find your pulse. If you have one, go crazy!

© Meditate quietly for 5-15 minutes, that’s all it takes! Observe your breathing and be grateful for the new day and all its opportunities. You might ask yourself at this time, “What is it that I need to know?” Listen quietly to the Holy Spirit within to give you the answers.

© Upon getting out of bed, stretch and be aware of the feeling in every area of your body. Be mindful of the body-mind connection and how it feels to be living, breathing, moving. Feel the energy flowing through your body to places that may need a little bit of attention. Honor those areas while stretching and breathing in deeply the Universal healing Life Force that permeates every cell, muscle, fiber, organ, bone and tissue.

© Go to the mirror and say “Good morning wonderful!” Express your love for yourself. Look deeply into your own eyes and say, “I love you, I really love you.” Say "God loves me." Tell yourself the kind of day you intend to have, be it His will. Believe it and feel worthy of it. Take one or two affirmations to back up your intentions such as “I am the living, loving, joyous expression of life and my day begins and ends with abundant blessings.” You may also choose your favorite scripture to "think" on during your day. If you have the time, write the affirmations or scriptures 10-20 times. Writing them down helps to deepen your intentions. Continue to tell yourself them in the mirror, reading them out loud throughout your day. You might even make a song out of them to sing during your daily activities.

© On your way to work, class, or whatever your daily routine, be sure to remember your intentions for the day. Don’t let anyone steal your joy, no matter what! Repeat to yourself at least 400 times, “I approve of myself.” You’ll be amazed at how this will lessen any challenges that you might face during the activities of your day. “I approve of myself AND God loves me!” It’s that simple!

©Claim the new. Close your eyes and Visualize for several minutes periodically throughout your day what you are working towards. Fill in the details. Add more each time. Feel, smell, taste and touch it. Remember, your life is a prayer. Live it, claim it!

©Expand your knowledge. Read everything you can to expand your awareness of how your mind works. Try different healing and “conscious building” modalities. Such as creative visualization, meditation, etc. Tend to every part of your being; body, mind, spirit, and emotion. The healthy wholeness of all the parts of you is what makes you complete.

©Laugh! A lot! Do whatever you can to make your transformational change a joy and a pleasure. Have fun!

Melissa Ann Privett
Posted on: 2006-11-10 16:45:56. Comments

"Shift" Happens

I read an article yesterday about how to shift into miracle thinking, plain and simple, .... "it's moving from the mindset of fear and drama to the consciousness of the Heart - viewing the world from our Center where we trust the process, a place where we ENJOY life rather than ENDURE it." I loved that concept! From this place of miracle thinking, we ask, "What is Spirit up to in this experience?" How is God working in this moment-even when the moment looks frightening, feels painful or brings up old fear and drama? Margaret and David Hiller wrote a wonderful article about this concept and it encouraged me to expand on their thoughts.

I pondered this idea of "Shift Happens" and realized that there is only one thing in life that you can always count on..."Change." Do we fight and kick and scream when change occurs or do we let go and let our all knowing and gracious God take over? I know that, I myself, would like to control the matter most of the time. I try to figure out how to get to the end, how to make it easier and although I know someplace deep within that it will be OK, I still try to attach myself to the outcome and find a way to "get there." Silly. Jesus told us "not to worry about tomorrow, for today has enough of it's own worries," true? He also told of how he is the eternal flame and if we step into him, we too shall be ignited. So why do we worry? We know that everything will always work out, don't we? Lighten up!

When we change our thinking to "miracle thinking," Oh! the possibilities we open up to. We just immerse ourselves in that place of the unknown and let God take over, knowing that He has such a better plan for us than we might even pray for. There are so many times that we ask God for what we want, instead of just asking for His will to be done. I once heard it said that "we are asking for the wings of a sparrow when the wings of an eagle have been given to us." God has an abundant life planned for us. The outcome remains His and His alone, and so do the means. When we pray, always ask for "this or something better" to come into our lives, knowing that with this attitude we remain open to the best that God has planned accepting that He is the power, the glory and the kingdom of the heaven that abides within each one of us.

I love nature and I am definitely a "tree hugger. My husband calls me a "tree chick." I love trees. When I think about the way they stand so strong even through tumultuous winds and rain, all the while bending with the ebb and flow of the weather changes, not rigid, just flowing, I am reminded of how we as humans can learn a great deal from them. When we remain rigid in our thoughts and outcomes, just like a tree would, we can break right in half and often do in some sense, whether it be through illness or just plain old stress filled days. What do WE see when we see change in our own "weather?" How do we re-act to our inevitable human experiences? Do we see God at work? Or do we see something besides shift? Do we see the legions of angels that have come down to support us in our times of trouble, or do we see gloom and doom and nothing more?

If only for today, let us find the "good" in every situation, knowing that God has his hand in it. Give thanks for what you have received and believe that a miracle is in the works. A new season abounds, and with it comes change. How do you experience the change of the seasons in your life? Try to relate to the tree and flow with the changes knowing that you are absolutely powerless over what is occurring. Be flexible. Let your energy flow and recognize the good that is available everywhere. Explore that concept with your own lives knowing that the only thing you truly have any power over is your own thoughts. Shift DOES happen, so why not try shifting your perception at the same time. Think miracle minded and watch your life unfold, feel the pain, the struggle, the heartache, and thank God for the shift. The transformation occurring could be just the miracle you have long been waiting for.

Melissa Ann Privett

Posted on: 2006-11-10 16:44:11. Comments

Surrender for Sanity!

I've just recently learned in the 43 years of my lifetime, that I really have so much more to learn. Why is it that just when you think you've finally got things figured out, again comes another 2X4 to slap you right in the face..OUCH! NOW what?! I've discovered that to really live this life fully you have to expect that it will throw you some curves, just to make sure you're paying attention. If you have no tests, you have no testimony. Seems that my curves always seem to come in the forms of other people. This is not an unusual thing. It's quite ironic how God works through others to show us the lessons WE need to learn. It's a tough thing, however, to admit that while looking into the face of someone who has hurt you deeply or disappointed you to the point of tears, that it's not the outside circumstances that need healing, but what lies beneath them. What lies within them. What lies within you. A close hard look at ourselves will mend any outside situation. It may still remain the same, perhaps somewhat dysfunctional or distorted, yet we begin to perceive it differently thereby changing it's form from the Inside-Out and transforming ourselves in the process.

I am slowly learning to give up the control. Now, there's a tough lesson! But there is a power in surrender that only comes with faith and the willingness to apply it in all of life's challenges. Regardless if it is you with the problem or someone you love, faith and surrender will heal the brokenness of the situation while keeping the stress level down and allowing the opportunity for understanding, compassion and forgiveness to flow like a stream through the situation. Surrender, to me, is one of life's toughest lessons. Yet God told us that anything can be healed through the power of faith. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don't see. It's also a very necessary element if you want to surrender to the will of God and relieve yourself of the self created pain and sorrow that comes when you're feeling victimized by another. Look into a mirror and find the truth behind the pain.

What are YOUR life's challenges? Or should I ask, what lessons has God given to YOU? It's obvious to me that those challenges, obstacles, and even deep, deep hurts, are just opportunities for growth and healing on a level that you cannot even imagine. God knows what He's doing. Trust in Him to make sure you learn the lessons that will enable you to reach your highest potential and highest level of consciousness so that one day you can say to someone who needs you, "Let me give you a hand, my friend, along with my heart to lend you the strength to go on, assuring you that the light will follow this darkness. How do I know? Because I've been there, my friend...I've been there!"

Melissa Ann Privett
Posted on: 2006-10-13 13:41:46. Comments

Living in Faith

Living on Faith

Have you ever really wondered, what is faith? I have always told my children, in my 2nd grade classroom at Sunday school, that faith is believing in things that you cannot see. Like God, just knowing that he will be there for you whenever you need him. Or like your breath, you never have to worry if you will have enough air to breathe; you just KNOW that the next time you breathe, there will be enough air to sustain your lungs and keep you living. I frequently used the scenario of a chair. I would ask each child to stand next to their own chair before sitting down. Of course they would all look at me in confusion as I made them stand, stand, stand and then finally said, "Ok, you can sit down now." They would look around at each other and wonder if I was crazy and what the whole purpose of standing by their chair was suppose to teach them and then I asked them "Which one of you checked to see if the chair you would sit in would hold you before sitting down?" "Who made sure that the legs were strong enough and that the seat wouldn't crack if you sat on it?" Of course every one of them said "I did'nt." Than I would tell them "That's faith." "Believing, knowing, without question that you would be held up regardless whether or not you checked to make sure." "Believing without proof."

Every one of my students "got it" when I talked about faith in that way. I loved to teach the concepts of faith to those kids. It helped me to learn it in a better way myself. When searching and putting together "lessons" for each Sunday, I would learn so much more than they could ever possibly have known. I was learning as I was teaching. Isn't it said that we are all students and teachers? Well, my children in that classroom, some, were MY gurus. The things that they would say would blow me away.

Today I am speaking about those kids and how much I enjoyed teaching the spiritual principles to them because I have been called to faith myself. I was called by God to leave those kids and wait for further guidance. Guidance that has not yet come and it has been 2-weeks now. I miss them everyday and wonder why would such a loving God ask me to do something so difficult. I cried for days before AND days after I left. I had been contemplating it for about 5 weeks, the message getting stronger and stronger each week. But I ignored it thinking it just couldn't be. Until I just couldn't find any ways to justify it with my own human-ness. I HAD to leave. I was being "called."

I was reminded by a very wise man that God never asks us to do something unless he has a better plan in store for us. Also that if he "calls" you, he has something great in mind and rest assured it will never be an easy task that he calls you to do. Think about Abraham, Moses, Joseph. He never promised them a rose garden, did he? Their tasks certainly weren't a walk in the park. But they went on to do great things, while having nothing to rely on except the faith of a higher power.

And so I wait, wait for this great thing, or perhaps not such a great thing, but maybe just done in a great way. I have no idea what Gods plan for me is at this time. I DO know that I am obeying his call to me and that it feels good. Knowing that's how God works; he starts with a pebble, than a stone, than a rock, than a boulder and than a great big 2X4 SMACK! against your head. Perhaps some of you have felt it? Than you realize you should have listened to the pebble or at least the stone. I listened and it hurts, but like I said, it feels good to be living in faith, not checking to see if there are any cracks, or if the legs are shaky or if I will be held up. I just "know" that I will. Knowing is half the battle even if you don't know a thing except that what you're doing is the RIGHT thing and in accordance with your Creator. He is happy and I will soon know my purpose. I know it's getting closer everyday. THAT, my friends, is greater than any fear that I might hold because of my decision.

They say, "faith is fear that has said its prayers." The bible tells us to "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17) I've decided to stay on my knees. It's where I belong and where I feel the safest. Jesus said 35 times in the bible while performing his miraculous feats "Your faith has healed you." I feel a healing coming my way and it's a wonderful thing. Praise God. I feel the struggle, I feel the pain, I feel the fright, but I'm standing strong in my faith and it feels GREAT! God bless you all and a special blessing to all those who supported me in my transition as well as those 28 little souls that I left. I have faith that God will bring them the perfect person(s) to show them what faith is all about and how God works in mysterious ways that are always meant for good or great! Remember, change is inevitable, go through it with the faith that whatever God brings you to He will bring you through! He has never failed me yet.

Melissa Ann Privett

Posted on: 2006-10-13 13:15:47. Comments

Open your Eyes!

Open Your Eyes!
When I was invited to write a story for a compilation of stories in a book titled "Pearls of Wisdom", which by the way will be coming out in the spring of 2006, I thought it would be easy to pick a story of triumph over tragedy or success through faith, or freedom from fear. Boy, was I wrong! Seems my life has been full of these stories and it was very difficult to pick just ONE. This particular story is NOT the one I chose, but it is sure to bring a smile to your face and a song to your heart and perhaps help you to come alive to the wonders of blessings around you.

My husband and I were one day walking through a parking lot with our children. We had four of five of them with us this afternoon, going to a video arcade. As we got out of the car we noticed that above us were a formation of beautiful birds everywhere. We stopped to watch them. The day was a bit cool outside and there were people rushing in and out of their cars to get to where they were going. Some would look up for a moment and then get back to their business. I noticed one small child point to the sky to her mother while her mother grabbed her hand and said "c'mon, lets go, we don't have time for this, honey."

Don't have time? How could you not have time to watch something as beautiful as Gods creation dancing, almost as a gift to you? As my family and I stood there, looking up, not one of our children asked to hurry to get into the arcade. We just watched in awe, somehow knowing that this was a very special moment. There were so many of them. I don't believe I have ever seen so many birds in one place at one time. And then something magical happened. The birds must have noticed us. At least that's what I choose to believe, that God showed us his gifts and how much good he has prepared for us through these birds that day. They, all at once, started doing an acrobatic show. Has anyone every heard of the game Galaga? Well it seemed these birds were reacting just like that video game. They would fly fiercely toward each other in perfect formation, one group on the west and one on the east and then suddenly split off into the other direction when it seemed as though they would surely collide. The show that they put on for us lasted for a full 20 minutes. We just stood there and watched. It was amazing. My children and I talked about that experience for months.

How often has God showed you his wondrous gifts of life that have gone unnoticed? I recall one day seeing a balloon floating across the sky while I was driving. It had a big happy face on it. I wondered to my self, hmmm is that Gods way of showing us that there is still so much beauty in this world and so much time for joy and laughter. Have you ever heard the term, stop and smell the roses? Well that day we stopped and watched the birds and their gift to us and felt truly honored and blessed.

Try removing the scales from your eyes and notice the wonders around you each day. There is only time until the end of time.... slow down to take all of life in.. Before you know it, it will be gone.

Melissa Ann Privett
Posted on: 2006-02-08 19:15:08. Comments